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North American NES cover art
Developer(s) Compile
Publisher(s) JP Tonkin House
NA ASCII Corporation
Designer(s) Takayuki Hirono
Kouji Mizuta
Composer(s) Toshiaki Sakoda
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Release date(s) JP October 5, 1990[1]
NA September 1991[1]
Genre(s) Side-scroller,
Shoot 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player

Gun-Nac (ガンナック Gan-Nakku?)[2] is a 1990 scrolling shooter video game developed by Compile and published by Tonkin House for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released in Japan on October 5, 1990 and in North America in September of 1991.


The player assumes the role of commander Gun-Nac, and throughout eight different levels, fights a host of enemies from a space ship. The ship can be upgraded to a larger ship by acquiring a "wing", which allows the player to sustain two enemy hits rather than one, and allows the player to upgrade his weapons further than the standard ship would allow.

The game contains five primary weapons, as well as four types of secondary bombs. Examples of primary weapons are a standard gun, a flamethrower and a type of guided boomerang. All weapons have unlimited ammunition, and they are obtained by collecting circles with numbers that correspond to one of the five different weapons. The primary weapons can be upgraded by collecting multiple "Power P's" that float throughout the stage. The secondary bombs work on a similar principle; they are obtained by collecting circles with corresponding letters in them. The bombs, however, are limited in supply to however many the player can collect.

Both the weapons and bombs can be progressively upgraded throughout the game. When a player has acquired a particular type of weapon, he can upgrade weapon level by collecting several of the same circles in a row. Each time another matching circle is collected, the weapon is upgraded. This is limited to five upgrades.

Using the same method, bombs can also be upgraded. When a bomb is upgraded, it becomes twice as powerful, but also consumes twice as much ammunition.

Money can be found randomly floating through the levels, or being released by destroyed objects or enemies; it can be used to purchase upgrades in a shop in between levels.


In the distant future, the Earth's resources have been depleted, and many of earth's inhabitants are moving to the new, artificial solar system called IOTA Synthetica. The solar system, like all the solar systems created by the "Galactic Federation", is very hip and up-scale.

This image ended abruptly though, as a mysterious wave of cosmic radiation swept through the solar system. This radiation caused ordinary inanimate objects to spring to life, and attack the solar system's residents.

The Galactic Federation, realizing the situation was beyond their control, calls on Commander Gun-Nac, son of the Legendary Xan,[3] to save IOTA Synthetica from the ensuing destruction from this strange cosmic energy.


Primary Weapons[edit]

Blaster Multi-directional blaster. This weapon may be used to shoot backwards at higher levels.

Screen Buster The highest powered bomb. The circular blast blows away enemies instantly.

Search Driver This homing bomb follows the enemy, but it is not very effective until later portions of the game.

Dragon Napalm This flame is very powerful, and can be controlled by movement of the ship. Be aware that the flame shrinks when it starts to lose its power.

Wide Beam This beam of light shoots through the enemy. At higher levels, the entire screen can be covered. This is most effective when the enemies attack from both sides.


Fire Bomb The ring of fire burns the enemy. If you stay inside, it shields you.

Blizzard Bomb The wall of ice moves left and right. Move your ship away from the ice.

Thunder Bomb The thunder lightning jumps around and wipes out the enemies. The direction of the reflected lightning changes with the position of your ship.

Water Bomb Rain falls from the sky and melts the enemy. There is a delay when this bomb goes off


Lunarus A Moon city with craters.

  • The boss here is Robunny.

Magmapei Volcanos and hot lava cover this area.

  • The boss here is O.R.G. Golem.

Atlantajorja Action takes place above the sea. Expect fierce attacks from the city on the sea and the battleships.

  • The boss here is Hydra Kraken.

Logeart A Dark forest filled with deadly enemies.

  • The boss here is Trent.

Meggadeniro Full of money, banks and safes. The enemy characters are all related to money.

  • The boss here is Havoc Bankzapper.

Arkiendy Smith Heavy action in the ancient ruins.

  • The boss here is Mogyuli Rising Tower.

Bengayleum You must get through the heat flares from the sun.

  • The boss here is Lunaris Blaze.

Usseinasillum No one has been able to reach this mysterious area. It is now up to you to find out what awaits you.

  • The boss here is first Ovinxer.
  • The final boss is Draco-Hedron Ovinxer.


The American release had a number of things removed or changed, such as the first phase of the last boss, the intro and the ending.



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  3. ^ This appears to be a subtle reference to the earlier Compile game Zanac.

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