Hôtel-Dieu of Carpentras

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Carpentras - Hotel Dieu 14.jpg
Location Carpentras, Provence, Vaucluse, France
Care system Public
Emergency department non
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The Hôtel-Dieu of Carpentras is one of the oldest hospital in Comtat Venaissin, in Vaucluse. Built in 1754 by Joseph-Dominique d'Inguimbert, it was use as hospital until 2002. In the near futur, the bibliotheque Inguimbertine will be transfer in this place.


In 1735, Joseph-Dominique d'Inguimbert became bishop of Carpentras, his native town, after two decades of Rome. This former Dominican passionate culture and literature as well as science, was the founder of both institutions carpentrasiennes a library, which now bears his name, Bibliothèque Inguimbertine, and the Hôtel-Dieu. The first stone was laid September 18, 1750. The plans were drawn by Antoine d'Allemand, to whom we must include the Hotel Salvador in Avignon. The initial price was-is 350 000 livres. Funds of the bishop, were added those of the municipality of 110,000 livres. The chapel has been dedicated funding to the tune of 95,000 livres.


Coordinates: 44°03′06″N 5°02′53″E / 44.05167°N 5.04806°E / 44.05167; 5.04806