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H.C. Varese
Stemma (da Mastini Varese Hockey Web)
Founded 1977
Refounded 2005
City Varese (VA)
Surname Mastini
President Maurizio FIORI
General manager Claudio PUCCI
Coach Mickey Goulet
Arena PalAlbani of Varese, 3,500 seats
Scudetti 2
Italian Cups  
Italian Supercups  
European Titles
Colours yellow-black

The Hockey Club Varese was a Varese hockey team which played in the national Serie A Italian championship. It was created on 1977 under the name A.S. Mastini Varese Hockey. In 2005 (June) the club was dismantled, but the club still continues to play in the Under 19 series under the name Hockey Club Varese, a new team founded in August 2005. In 2008 the club reintegrated the professional championship (Serie A2).

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