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Hanus G. Johansen, 2010.

Hanus Gerdum Johansen (born 19 June 1950 in Klaksvík) better known as Hanus G. or Hanus G. Johansen, is a Faroese singer and composer. He is well known in his country and performs at concerts and festivals from time to time. Many of his songs have become evergreens and are popular even among the young people. He has composed melodies for some of Poul F. Joensen's poems, first time was in 1988, when he released his album Gaman og álvara; Poul F. (1898-1970) wrote poems about the Faroese society, about love and other themes as well.[1] In November 2012, he released a new album with poems by Poul F. Joensen, Á fold eru 1000 gudar (which means On earth are only 1000 Gods), he composed all the melodies. In 2006, Hanus G. released an album with poems by the Norwegian poet Jakob Sande (1906-1967), who is a well known poet in Norway. Hanus G. has performed together with the Faroese ensemble Aldubáran and with the Faroese band Frændur, but often he performs by himself with his guitar or with various musicians. Hanus G.'s music is mostly folk music, but because of its popularity it can also be defined as a kind of pop music.


  • Á fold eru túsund gudar - Poems by Poul F. Joensen, composed by Hanus G. Johansen. Released on 18 November 2012 on Poul F's birthday
  • HØRPUSPÆLARIN 2010 Hanus syngur Poul F.
  • "Eitt blað eg á kann skriva", June 2010, composed by Hanus G. Johansen, poems by Hans Jákup Glerfoss. The album was released on Hanus G's 60th birthday at a concert in Norðurlandahúsið in Tórshavn.
  • Hanus G. Johansen & Aldubáran - "frå leddigen - poems by Norwegian Jakob Sande. CD, released in 2006, on Jakob Sande's 100 years anniversary.[2]
  • Bouquet - Hanus G. Johansen & Aldubáran. CD, released in 2000, on Hanus G. 50 year birthday.[3]
  • Nósi - with Kristian Blak (For children)
  • Ung um aldarmóti.[4]
  • Gaman og álvara - Hanus syngur Poul F. LP and cassette, 1988. Later released as a CD in 2008.[5]
  • Syng bara við - Kristian Blak & children. At first released in 1985 as an LP, later released as a CD.

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 2013 - Listavirðisløn Nólsoyar Páls DKK 75 000, award from Klaksvík Municipality, established in 2013.[6]
  • 2013 - Sømdargáva landsins (a Faroese cultural prize of DKK 20.000 which will be given annually for the rest of his life)[7]
  • Nominated Planet Awards 2012 in the category Artist of the year[8]
  • Nominated Planet Awards 2010 in the category Artist of the year
  • Nominated Planet Awards 2010 in the category Best album with his album Hørpuspælarin (poems by Poul F. Joensen, the melodies are composed by Hanus G. Johansen)
  • 2008 - Art Award of The Faroese Media House (Listavirðisløn Miðlahúsins)[9]


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