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Harinagar (Hindi: हरिनगर) is a Mazra of Village Jhabarpur in Purkazi Block of Muzaffarnagar District in India. At the time of the 2011 Indian census it had a population of 3850 people living in 877 individual households. Harinagar is a mazara of Village Jhabarpur in Purkazi block of Muzafffarnagar District Headquarters. It lies under Police Station Purkazi, Pargana Pur Chhapar, Tehsil Muzaffarnagar. It is situated on a state highway Purkazi-Laksar Road a by pass to Haridwar. It is 5 km away in eastern side to GT Road NH 58 Purkazi after crossing Upper Ganga Canal Expressway. Its other nearby localities are Randavali, Suwaheri, Godhana, Tuglakpur-Kamhera, Jhabarpur, Samasnagar, Sherpur Khadar, Badhiwala and Khanpur block of Uttarakhand state. The other important and famous places nearby this village are Shukrataal, Roorkee, Laksar, Haridwar, Rishikesh. This is a main zone to produce sugarcane and Jaggery (गुड़), raab in Western UP. It is very rich region to grow sugarcane,wheat, rice and pulses, mostly all types of vegetables and fruits like mango, guava, pear, plum, etc. The main occupation of the people is agriculture and living stocks. In the East there flows river Solani. There are many Reserve Forests which increase its beauty and provide fresh air,and shelter to wild animals. Its whole area is well irrigated by canal Gang Nahar and tubewells, There are many pataltod wells (पाताल तोड़ कुआं) in Khadar region. It plays a key role in UP Politics. The people belongs only two religions Hindu and Muslim. Many fairs and festivals are celebrated in this village. The people live with a great brotherhood,and cooperation. There are many schools and colleges and other institutes.

Some famous and popular persons are Nirmal Singh,Aman Katariya,Rajvir Singh, Anil Kumar (MLA of Morna region), Mintu Kumar, Pramod Kumar, Kashiram,Shri Jag Bhushan a well known Mechanic etc. Nirmal Singh is a well known educationist of the village.