Hawaii Rainbow Wahine

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Hawaiʻi Rainbow Wahine
University University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Conference Big West Conference (most sports)
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (swimming and diving, indoor track and field)
Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference (sailing)
NCAA Division I
Athletic director Ben Jay
Location Honolulu, HI
Varsity teams 12
Basketball arena Stan Sheriff Center
Softball stadium Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium
Nickname Rainbow Wahine
     Green       White
Website www.hawaiiathletics.com

Rainbow Wahine is the official nickname applied to all women's sports teams at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UH). The school joined the Big West Conference in July 2012, leaving behind the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), where it had been a member since 1979. However, this marked a return to a former conference home for the UH women. The Rainbow Wahine had joined the Big West in 1984, when the conference was known as the Pacific Coast Athletic Association; even though the WAC began sponsoring women's sports in 1990, UH did not move its women's teams into the WAC until 1996. While most Rainbow Wahine teams compete in the Big West, three sports not sponsored by the Big West have other conference homes. Teams in swimming and diving (considered a single sport by the NCAA) and indoor track and field moved from the WAC to the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (the Big West does not sponsor swimming and diving, and only sponsors outdoor track and field). The school's two sailing teams—one coed, and the other all-female—remain in the Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference (note that sailing is not an NCAA sport).

The nickname[edit]

All University of Hawaiʻi teams were traditionally called "Rainbows" until controversies with the name led the university to allow its men's teams to choose their own nicknames; the baseball team became the "Rainbows," the basketball team became "Rainbow Warriors," and football, volleyball, golf and tennis opted "Warriors." (Only July 1, 2013, "Rainbow Warriors" was reintroduced for all men's teams.) Regardless, all the women's teams still officially retained the traditional "Rainbow" label. Wahine is the Hawaiian word for "woman"; although similar in appearance, the plural 'Wāhine' is pronounced differently, with the stress on the drawn out 'a' (indicated by a line over the letter). During games, the Rainbow Wahine are often colloquially known as The Rainbows or 'Bows (which may be used to refer to the men's Rainbow Warrior teams as well), and The Wahine. In conversation, the use of the word Wahines, to describe a team or multiple players is sometimes replaced with Nā Wahine ("nā" the plural definite article in Hawaiian).

NCAA Division I programs[edit]

The University of Hawaiʻi has several athletic programs in the NCAA Division I bracket.

UH also supports a sailing program, with separate coed and all-female teams. College sailing is governed by the Intercollegiate Sailing Association and not the NCAA.

To comply with federal Title IX these programs were created to give females an equal opportunity to compete in sports. Each Wahine sport has its own unique booster club, or support club.

Graduation rates[edit]

The following table shows the average graduation rate of student athletes competing on various Rainbow Wahine athletic teams compared to the national average graduation rate for other NCAA Division I schools.

Sport National Average UH Team Rate Head Coach
Basketball 81% 73% Laura Beeman
Cross country/Track 83% 63% Carmyn James
Golf 87% 83% Ashley Biffle
Sailing N/A N/A Andy Johnson
Soccer 87% 65% Michele Nagamine
Softball 84% 83% Bob Coolen
Swimming & Diving 91% 88% Victor Wales
Tennis 88% 78% Jun Hernandez
Volleyball 86% 63% Dave Shoji
Waterpolo 86% 100% Michel Roy

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