Hedwig of Saxony

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Hedwige of Saxony
Hedwig of Saxony.jpg
Hedwige of Saxony
Spouse(s) Hugh the Great
Noble family Liudolfing
Father Henry I the Fowler
Mother Matilda
Born c.  910
Died 10 May 965(965-05-10)

Hedwige of Saxony (also Hedwig, Hadwig) (c. 910 – May 10, 965) was a member of the Ottonian dynasty and a descendant of Charlemagne. She was married to Hugh the Great. Their son, Hugh Capet was the founder of the Capetian dynasty.


Hedwig was a younger daughter of Henry I the Fowler, and his second wife Matilda. Her siblings were Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor; Henry I, Duke of Bavaria; Gerberga of Saxony; and Bruno I, Archbishop of Cologne.

After her brother Otto I came to power, an alliance and marriage was arranged with Hugh the Great. Hedwig was Hugh's third wife. They married c. 936/8. With Hugh, Hedwig had the following children:

When Hedwig's husband died in 956, her son Hugh Capet was still underage. Although Hugh inherited his father's estates, he did not rule independently from the beginning.[1] Along with her brother, Bruno, Hedwig acted as Hugh's regent until he came of age.[2]


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