Henmi Sōsuke

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In this Japanese name, the family name is "Henmi".
Henmi Sōsuke
Henmisosuke samurai.jpg
Henmi Sōsuke (1843-1894)
Born 1843
Sakura Domain, Shimōsa Province
Died 1894 (aged 50–51)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Samurai, Traditional Japanese martial arts instructor, Police officer
Employer Sakura Domain, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

Henmi Sōsuke ( ?, 1843 - 1894) was a Japanese swordsman who also served as a martial arts instructor of Tatsumi-ryū and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.


Henmi was known to be born in 1834 as a son of Henmi Nobutaka (逸見信敬?), a clansman of the Sakura Domain and the 17th head family of Tatsumi-ryū.

Tatsumi-ryū is a Traditional Japanese martial arts. During Edo period when the use of protective gears became popular, the Sakura Domain allowed its clansmen to contest with different schools such as Hokushin Ittōryū (北辰一刀流?) and Kyōshin Meichiryū (鏡新明智流?) from 1850. Henmi was given lessons from Ueda Umanosuke (上田馬之助?) of Kyōshin Meichiryū (鏡新明智流?).

In 1860, Henmi was given Iai Mokuroku (居合目録?) which served as a license of the Tatsumi-ryū from his father. In the next year, Henmi obtained a permission from Sakura Domain to study in Edo. He studied in Shigakukan Dojo for 1 year, and was awarded a title of Shihan as soon as he returned to his hometown.

After the Meiji Restoration, Henmi worked as a tillager in Yachimata. In 1879, he was hired by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as a martial arts instructor. He established Keishiryū (警視流?) there, and became the leading figure of martial arts at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

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