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Henri Challan (12 December 1910 in Asnières – 18 February 1977) was a French composer and music educator. He had a long association with the Conservatoire de Paris where he was both a student and a faculty member. He was a pupil of Jean Gallon and Henri Büsser and was appointed a professor of harmony in 1936. That same year he won both the first and second prize at the Prix de Rome.[1] One of his notable pupils was Japanese composer Akira Miyoshi.

His twin brother René Challan (1910–1978) was also a composer.

Selected works[edit]

  • Sonata for violin and piano (1936)
  • Suite for bassoon and piano (1937)
  • String Quartet
  • Quintet for bassoon and string quartet
  • Symphony (1942)
  • Scherzo for orchestra
  • Reflets for orchestra
  • Concerto for violin and orchestra(1942)
  • Variations for trumpet and piano (1959)
  • Diptyque for viola and piano (1961)
  • Ballade for cello and piano (1965)
  • Variations for horn and piano (1967)
  • Intermezzo for tuba or bass saxhorn and piano (1970)
  • Reflets for double bass and piano (1972)
  • Variation romantique for cello and piano (1975)