Henry Steele Olcott Memorial Cricket Tournament

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Henry Steele Olcott Memorial Cricket Tournament
Administrator Old Boy Association of a participating team
Format Limited Over Cricket
First tournament 1999
Tournament format One Game
Number of teams 7
Most successful Dharmasoka College (4 titles)

The Henry Steel Olcott Memorial Cricket Tournament is conducted annually among the past cricketers of eight premier Buddhist schools in Sri Lanka in honour of Col. Olcott, the founder of Buddhist education in Sri Lanka. The organizing function in each year is rotated among each participating Old Boy Associations [1]


This cricket tournament was started in 1999 following the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of Nalanda College Colombo. About this time, groups Old Boys of Nalanda, Dharmaraja and Ananda were meeting informally in the evenings at the Bloomfield Cricket Club. It was during one of these gatherings that the idea of a limited over tournament among the Old Boys of the major cricket playing Buddhist Schools was proposed by the 1st Test Captain of Sri Lanka, Bandula Warnapura of Nalanda. Accordingly, the first tournament of the series was held by the Old Nalandian Sports Club on 12 December 1999 at the Nalanda College Grounds.[2]


Past Venues and Winners[edit]

Year Host School Champion
1999 Nalanda College Colombo Maliyadeva College
2000 Dharmasoka College Dharmaraja College
2001 Dharmapala College Dharmasoka College
2002 Mahinda College Ananda College & Dharmasoka College
2003 Rahula College Ananda College & Dharmasoka College
2004 Ananda College Dharmashoka College
2005 Dharmasoka College & Maliyadeva College
2006 Dharmapala Vidyalaya
2009 Dharmapala Vidyalaya Ananda College[3]
2012 Rahula College Rahula College

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