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Henry of Burgundy (c. 1035 – January 27, 1070/1074), called the Gallant (le Damoiseau), was the eldest surviving son and heir of Robert I, Duke of Burgundy and his wife, Helie of Semur, and a grandson of King Robert II of France, thus making him a member of the House of Capet through its Burgundy cadet branch. Little is known about his life and he died shortly before his father, thus failing to succeed in Burgundy. Two of his sons succeeded in succession after the death of his father, while a third son became Count of Portugal through his marriage to Theresa, daughter of King Alfonso VI of León and Castile.

The name of Henry's wife has never been known, though both Sibylla and Clémence have been suggested. Based purely on onomastics, historian Szabolcs de Vajay proposed that she was the daughter of Berenguer Ramon I, Count of Barcelona and his third wife, Guisle of Lluca. If this is true, Henry would have been married in Barcelona while on crusade. Henry's wife died on or after July 6, 1074 and was buried at Besançon, Sainte-Etienne.


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Henry and his wife became the parents of: