Heroes for Sale (film)

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Heroes for Sale
Directed by William Wellman
Written by Wilson Mizner
Starring Richard Barthelmess
Aline MacMahon
Loretta Young
Cinematography James Van Trees
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) June 17, 1933
Running time 76 min. (1933 release)
71 min. (TCM print)
Country United States
Language English

Heroes for Sale (1933) is a Depression-era film directed by William Wellman, starring Richard Barthelmess, Aline MacMahon, and Loretta Young, and released by Warner Bros.


A veteran of the Great War, Thomas Holmes, struggles to make his way in civilian life in almost every way imaginable. In the opening scene of the movie, Tom and his friend are on a mission to gather intelligence by capturing a German soldier. Tom's friend, in terror, refuses to leave the shell hole so Tom volunteers to go alone.

He captures a German but is wounded and taken prisoner. His friend returns to the safety of American lines with the captured German soldier and is rewarded for his supposed heroism. During Tom's captivity, German doctors treat his pain with morphine and becames addicted to the drug. After Tom returns from the war, his cowardly friend offers him a job at his father's bank out of shame.


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