Hipólito Unanue

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Hipólito Unanue
Personal details
Born August 13, 1755
Arica, Viceroyalty of Peru
Died July 15, 1833
San Vicente de Cañete, Peru
Nationality Peruvian
Profession Physician, naturalist, meteorologist, professor

José Hipólito Unanue y Pavón (August 13, 1755–July 15, 1833) was a physician, naturalist, meteorologist, university professor, independence precursor and a Peruvian politician, active in politics in the early years after independence.

Early life[edit]

Hipólito Unanue was born in Arica on August 13, 1755 as the son of Antonio Unánue de Montalivert and Manuela Pavón y Salgado, both from creole families.[1] He studied philosophy and law in a seminary in Arequipa. In 1777, Unanue moved to Lima to study natural sciences. He studied in Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos where he received his bachelor degree in 1783, graduated in 1786 and became a professor at the same university, establishing his name as an eminent physician.He was one of the founders of Sociedad Académica de Amantes del País in 1790.[1]

In 1824 he was in function as Finance minister for a short period of time.


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