Home and Away (album)

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Home and Away
Studio album by Del Shannon
Released 30 October 2006

Olympic Sound Studio, 117 Church Road, Barnes

London SW13 - February 23–26, 1967
Genre Pop
Label Immediate Records (1967), EMI (2006)
Producer Andrew Loog Oldham

Home and Away is an album by Del Shannon

Track listing[edit]

  1. It's My Feeling
  2. Mind Over Matter
  3. Silently
  4. Cut and Come Again
  5. My Love Has Gone
  6. Led Along
  7. Life Is But Nothing
  8. Easy to Say
  9. Friendly with You
  10. He Cheated
  11. Runaway '67

CD bonus tracks

  1. Led Along [Mono, US & UK Single]
  2. Mind Over Matter [Mono, UK Single]
  3. Runaway '67 [Mono, US & UK Single]
  4. He Cheated [Mono, US Single]
  5. Silently [Mono, Philippines Single]

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