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Studio album by Benny Benassi
Released 19 August 2003
Genre Electro house
Length 61:27
Label Ultra, Data, Ministry of Sound, Energy, ZYX Music
Producer Larry Pignagnoli
Benny Benassi chronology
DJ Set 1
Singles from Hypnotica
  1. "Satisfaction"
  2. "Able to Love"
  3. "No Matter What You Do"
  4. "Love Is Gonna Save Us"
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About.com 3/5 stars link

Hypnotica is the debut album of DJ/Producer Benny Benassi which was released in 2003. The band was titled as Benny Benassi Presents the Biz, where the Biz are the singers Paul French and Violeta. It reached the top five in the French Album charts and left the top 20 after a month. For Hypnotica, Benassi mixes 1980s styles with his electronic music. He is considered a pioneer in electro house, largely because of Hypnotica, as it incorporates both sounds found in electroclash and many elements of house music into a consistent and successful album. Multiple singles were released from the album, such as "Satisfaction", "No Matter What You Do", "Love Is Gonna Save Us", "Able to Love" and "I Love My Sex".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Satisfaction"   Alle Benassi 4:44
2. "Able to Love"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi, Daniela Galli 3:26
3. "No Matter What You Do"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi, Daniela Galli 4:06
4. "Let It Be"   Alle Benassi, Daniela Galli, Alfredo Pignagnoli 4:31
5. "Love Is Gonna Save Us"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi, Daniela Galli 5:04
6. "Inside of Me"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi 3:50
7. "I Wanna Touch Your Soul"   Alle Benassi, Daniela Galli 4:06
8. "I'm Sorry"   Alle Benassi, Alfredo Pignagnoli 4:35
9. "Time"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi, Daniela Galli 4:41
10. "Put Your Hands Up"   Alle Benassi, Daniela Galli 3:54
11. "Get Loose"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi 5:09
12. "Change Style"   Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi 3:45
13. "I Love My Sex" (feat. Violeta) Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi, Violeta Bratu, Alfredo Pignagnoli 3:26
14. "Don't Touch Too Much" (feat. Paul French) Alle Benassi, Marco Benassi, Daniela Galli, Paul Sears, Alfredo Pignagnoli 5:49

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