I'm One

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"I'm One"
Song by The Who from the album Quadrophenia
Released 1973
Genre Rock
Length 2:37
Label MCA
Writer Pete Townshend
Quadrophenia track listing
"The Punk and the Godfather"
"I'm One"
"The Dirty Jobs"

"I'm One" is a song by The Who. It was released on the group's 1973 rock opera album Quadrophenia. Written and sung by Pete Townshend, it is one of the main moments of introspection spread throughout the narrative and also a sign that Jimmy may not be as Mod as he appears, given the way he asks a fellow Mod where he got his clothes. (Mods would lose face asking another Mod where he got his clothes.) The song features an acoustic opening followed by the rest of the band (excluding singer Roger Daltrey) joining in.

The song is featured on the soundtrack for Freaks and Geeks in the episode Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers, which featured many of the Who's songs.

Live performances[edit]

This song was performed first on the band's original 1973-1974 Quadrophenia Tour, but it was never performed with Moon again afterwards. It made sporadic appearances in the 1981 (only once), 1982 (only the first verse; as an intro to "The Punk and the Godfather") and 1989 tours as well. It was then brought back for every concert on the 1996-1997 Quadrophenia Tour. Performances after that, from 2000 onwards, were often performed by Pete Townshend alone on stage (although some feature the full band).

Album Appearances[edit]

The following Who albums and DVD's feature "I'm One":