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Ihuatzio is a city located near Lake Pátzcuaro in the Mexican state of Michoacán. It was once the capital of the P'urhépecha kingdom, also known as the Tarascan state. It was the capital until the change to Tzintzuntzan.

Archaeological site[edit]

Further information: Ihuatzio (archaeological site)

Ihuatzio is also the name of an archeological site located at the southern slopes of “Cerro Tariaqueri”, just north of Ihuatzio town, in the Tzintzuntzan municipality, of Michoacán state. The site is some 7 kilometers south-east of Tzintzuntzan, on the south-eastern shore of the Lake Pátzcuaro. Human settlements vestiges are registered from two different occupational periods; the first occurred between 900 and 1200 CE, corresponding to Nahuatl language speaking groups; the second group corresponding to the maximum development reached by the P'urhépecha Culture, between 1200 and 1530 CE.

Coordinates: 19°34′N 101°35′W / 19.567°N 101.583°W / 19.567; -101.583