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Imtiazi Sanad is the fifth highest Pakistani military award for gallantry or distinguished service in combat. It can be conferred upon any member of the Pakistani Armed Forces or paramilitary forces who is mentioned in the dispatches of a senior commander for actions that do not warrant a gallantry award.[1] It may be considered equivalent of the Mentioned in Despatches in the Commonwealth honours system and the Bronze Star in the United States honours system. In the Pakistani honours systems the next highest award is the Tamgha-i-Jurat.


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Following officers and men have been awarded Imtiazi Sanad, Brigadier Fiaz Mahmood Qamar, Arty, Brigadier Aamer Riaz, FF, Brigadier Sarfraz Sattar, AC, Brigadier Muhammad Shafiq, AC, Brigadier Abid Mumtaz, Arty, Colonel Asad Shahzada, AC, Colonel Masood Ahmed Babar, Sigs, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Nadeem Jamshed, AK, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Fahim Akram, Engrs, Lieutenant Colonel Mustazhar Habib, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Abrar Hussain, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Asad Nawaz, Sind, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Hashim, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Qasim Obaid Ullah Paracha, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Ahsan Masood, Arty, Major Shah Rukh Mahboob Khan, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Tufail, Avn, Major Ashfaq Ur Rahman, TBt, Avn, Major Irfan Inayat, ASC, Major Amir Ghafoor, Sigs, Major Abrar Hussain, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Atif Saeed, Avn, Lieutenant Colonel Sheharyar Parvez Butt, AC, Major Masood Azam, Punjab, Major Wajahat Ali Khan, S Bt, SSG, Major Malik Muhammad Iftikhar Khan, Baloch, Major Hilal Rashid Hasnat, Avn, Major Muhammad Asif Siddique, Avn, Major Imran Sartaj, Arty, Major Syed Abbas Raza, FF, Major Nadeem Khan, Avn, Major Malik Mumtaz Jillani, Punjab, Major Abdul Qayyum AK, Major Kashif Imran, NLI, Major Irfan Maqbool, FF, Major Muhammad Changez Zeb, Sind, Major Ghaffar Haider, Baloch, Major Rizwan Bashir, Punjab, Major Muhammad Ali Shah, FF, Major Muhammad Owais Tamimy, Engrs, Captain Syed Jawad Ul Hasnain Kazmi, SSG, Captain Aijaz Ali, NLI, Captain Ali Sheharyar Saadi, SSG, Captain (Now Major) Abrar Hussain, Avn, Captain Mazhar Ali, Avn, Captain Farooq Ahmad, Baloch, Captain Nasir Barkat Ullah Khan, SSG, Captain Abdul Rehman Makky, SSG, Captain Abdul Razzaq, NLI, Captain Zia Ur Rehman, SSG, Captain Hassan Zia, Arty, Captain Nabeel Rasheed, AK, Captain Asad Ullah Ghauri, Sind, Captain Ehsan Ullah, FF, Captain Shahbaz Khan, AC, Captain Nabeel Rehman Mughal, AK, Captain Rizwan Ahmed Shaikh, NLI, Captain Khalid Hussain, Punjab, Captain Muhammad Waqas, FF, Captain Aftab Ahmad, AK, Captain Naseem Jan, NLI, Captain Muhammad Awais Pirzada, Sind, Captain Shahzad Bashir Anjum, AC, Captain Amer Khan, AMC, Captain) Imran Khan Niazi, SSG, Lieutenant Obaid Tariq Butt, SSG, Lieutenant Amir Zaman, FF, Lieutenant Umair Sarwar, AK, Lieutenant Rao Muhammad Suleman, Punjab, Lieutenant Muhammad Arshad Khan, Arty, Lieutenant Muhammad Sohail Shah, Punjab, Lieutenant Bilal Rauf, Punjab, Lieutenant Hamayun Mushtaq, Punjab, Lieutenant Izat Ibrahim, NLI, Lieutenant Syed Hamza Anwaar Naqvi, FF, Lieutenant Aamir Mushtaq, Baloch, Lieutenant Moaz Haider Janjua, NLI, Lieutenant Adil Nisar, Punjab, Lieutenant Ali Naeem Niazi, FF, Subedar Muhammad Bashir, AK, Subedar Muhammad Yousaf, NLI, Subedar Abbas Ali, Punjab, Risaldar Muhammad Feroze, AC, Subedar Muhammad Yar, Sind, Subedar Mir Alam Khan, FF, Subedar Sabir Hussain, FF, Naib/Subedar Sardar Khan, Arty, Naib/Subedar Ghulam Muhammad, NLI, Naib / Subedar Ijaz Hussain, Punjab, Naib/Subedar Muhammad Mumtaz, Sind, Naib / Subedar Niaz Muhammad, FF, Naib/Subedar Muhammad Farooq Azam, FF, Naib / Subedar Iftikhar Hussain, ASC, Naib / Subedar Abdul Waheed, SSG, Naib / Subedar Janas Khan, FC, Dfr Andaz Khan, AC, Havildar Aushiq Hussain, SSG, Havildar Khalil Ahmed, SSG, Havildar Muhammad Hussain, Baloch, Havildar Muhammad Aslam, SSG, Havildar Arfan Ali, SSG, Havildar Bakhtiar Ahmed Khan, FF, Havildar Mehr Zaman, Sind, Lance Havildar Muhammad Shoaib, Baloch, Lance Havildar Maqsud Ahmed, SSG, Lance Havildar Muhammad Khurshid Khan, AK, Naik Imtiaz Ahmed, Baloch, Naik Nusrat Shah, NLI, Naik Muhammad Saeed, SSG, Naik Muhammad Riaz, Baloch, Lance Naik Tika Khan, FC, Naik Muhammad Ali, NLI, Naik Asrar Hussain, NLI, Lance Naik Iftikhar Ahmed, Baloch, Lance Naik Muhammad Saleem, AK, Lance Naik Wajid Ali, PR (Punjab), Lance Naik Muhammad Ramzan, FF, Sepoy Ghulam Shabbir, Sind, Sepoy Muhammad Ajmal, Sind, Sepoy Muhammad Naves, Baloch, Sepoy Badshah Khan, FC, Sepoy Nasrullah, Baloch, Sepoy Shakeel Ahmed, Baloch, Sepoy Ansar Hayat, NLI, Sepoy Muhammad Amin, NLI, Sepoy Zulfiqar Ali, SSG, Spr Israr Ud Din, Engrs, Spr Christopher, Engrs, Sepoy Muhammad Sharif, NLI, Sepoy Zulfiqar Ali, SSG, Sepoy Rafee Ullah, FF, Sepoy Niaz Ali, FF, Sepoy Khan Muhammad, FF, Sepoy Junaid Sadiq, FF, Sepoy Muhammad Rizwan FF.