In the Light of the Moon

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In the Light of the Moon
In the Light of the Moon FilmPoster.jpeg
A poster with the film's U.S. and Australian title: Ed Gein
Directed by Chuck Parello
Produced by Michael Musical
Mark Boot
Hamish McAlpine
Written by Stephen Johnston
Starring Steve Railsback
Carrie Snodgress
Carol Mansell
Music by Robert McNaughton
Cinematography Vanja Cernjul
Edited by Elena Maganini
Release dates
November 17, 2000 (in Spain and Portugal); 2001 (in the United States and Australia as Ed Gein)
Running time
89 minutes
Language English

In the Light of the Moon (released in the United States and Australia in 2001 as Ed Gein) is a 2000 Spanish and Portuguese film that chronicles the life of American graverobber and murderer Ed Gein. It was released in Spain and Portugal on November 17, 2000–the 43rd anniversary of Gein's arrest.


The film chronicles the life of Ed Gein, a graverobber and murderer who resided in Plainfield, Wisconsin, where he committed his crimes in the 1940s and '50s. The film also portrays Gein's tormented youth, his complex relationship with his mother, and his arrest on November 17, 1957.


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