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In mathematics, infinity plus one has meaning for the hyperreals, and also as the number ω+1 (omega plus one) in the ordinal numbers and surreal numbers. This phrase is also found in popular culture.


There are several mathematical theories which include both infinite values and addition.

In popular culture[edit]

Infinity plus one is a phrase used in relation to the notion of infinity as the largest possible amount. The idea is that no such number should exist.

The phrase is also found in children's culture by those who have discovered the concept of infinity. When one child makes a reference to infinity, another may try to best them by making a similar reference to infinity plus one. One example of this is when children come up with a dare, and subsequently return the dare, multiplied by increasingly higher values,[1] for example:

Child 1: "I dare you."
Child 2: "I double dare you."
Child 1: "I triple dare you."
Child 2: "I dare you times a million."
Child 1: "I dare you times infinity."
Child 2: "I dare you times infinity plus one."

This sort of exchange has been used in many popular television programs, such as The Simpsons, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Timon and Pumbaa.[citation needed]

One "Dilbert" strip showed an enemy of the title character promising Bob the Dinosaur "infinity plus two" times the wages Dilbert paid him.[citation needed]

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