International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management

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The International Association of Health Central Service Materiel Management (IAHSCMM) is the premier association for professional in health-care central service/material management. It is based in Chicago, Illinois with over 9,000 members worldwide. IAHSCMM in association with Purdue University provides Professional Certification (Education) for the personal in the field. These Certifications include:

  • "Certified Registered Central Service Technician" (CRCST), which provides practical knowledge in sterile processing and the distribution of manufactured supplies and equipment
  • "Supervision Principles: Leadership Strategies for Healthcare Facilities" (CHL) which prepares central service professionals to take on management and supervisory responsibilities
  • "Certification in Healthcare Materiel Management Concepts" (CHMMC), which trains materiel management professionals in strategic planning, budgeting, purchasing, waste control, training and storage, and more
  • '"Certified Instrument Specialist"—rapidly changing medical technology makes it imperative for CS professionals to meet instrument challenges.