Invasion of Safwan

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Expedition of Safwan
Date March 623, 2 AH
Location Safwan
Result Enemy escapes [1][2]
Muslims of Mecca Quraish of Mecca
Commanders and leaders
Muhammad Kurz ibn Jabir al-Fihri
70[1] Unknown

The Invasion of Safwan also known as the Preliminary Badr Invasion[3] occurred directly after the Invasion of Waddan in the year 2 AH of the Islamic calendar. The expedition was ordered by Muhammad after he received intelligence that Kurz ibn Jabir al-Fihri rustled some grazing cattle belonging to Muslims. Therefore, Muhammad directed about 70 Muslims, who chased him to Safwan, at the outskirts of Badr. But Kurz ibn Jabir al-Fihri managed to escape.[1][2][4]

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