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The Irish Farmers Journal is a weekly farm newspaper sold in Ireland. It is the best selling farm magazine in the country selling to over 237,000 readers per week.[1] Journalists include Matt Dempsey, Justin McCarthy, Mairead Lavery, Pat O Keeffe, Jack Kennedy, Andy Doyle, Peter Young and Derek Casey. It is edited by Matt Dempsey.


A different supplement is included in every edition, along with a Classifieds section which is published in every edition. For example, in June 2005, there was a supplement named Silage, to do with the silage season. With every different week, there is a different supplement. Every year, there is a special edition about the National Ploughing Championships, one of the biggest agricultural events in Europe. It is often published in mid-September, to coincide with the beginning of the event. The "Irish Country Living" supplement covers many topics from gardening to health to education to music. Many well known journalists regularly display articles in it, Damien O'Reilly, Katherine O'Leary, Lily Champ, Gerry Daly and Margaret Hawkins to name but a few. It is edited by Mairead Lavery and sometimes by Maria Moynihan. It is accompanied by a glossy extra magazine four times a year.[citation needed]


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