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Irmengard Rauch (born 1933 Dayton, Ohio) is a linguist and semiotician.

She works at the University of California, Berkeley.[1](1979–80; 1982–present. Previously at the Univ. of Illinois (1968–82); the Univ. of Pittsburgh (1966–68); the Univ. of Wisconsin (1962–66).

She is the editor of the book series Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics;[2]Berkeley Models of Grammars; Studies in Old Germanic Languages and Literatures; co-editor of the Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis.

Selected Works[edit]

  • Rauch, Irmengard 1999. Semiotic Insights: The Data Do the Talking. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.[3] 2008.The Phonology/Paraphonology Interface and the Sounds of German across Time. Peter Lang Publishing. 2011. The Gothic Language: Grammar, Genetic Provenance and Typology, Readings. Second edition. Peter Lang Publishing. 1992. The Old Saxon Language. Grammar, Epic Narrative,Linguistic Interference. Peter Lang Publishing. 1967. The Old High German Diphthongization. A Description of a Phonemic Change. Mouton & Company


  • 2011 Eighth Thomas A. Sebeok Fellow(Semiotic Society of America); 1998 Festschrift: Interdigitations: Essays for Irmengard Rauch; 1994 President, Fifth Congress of the IASS; 1982 Guggenheim Fellow; 1981-83 President, Semiotic Society of America; 1985 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Univ. of Dayton; 1996 Honorary Member, American Association of Teachers of German.


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