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For the "national beverage" of Scotland, see Irn-Bru.

Ironbeer is a soft drink that originated in Cuba in 1917 and was created by Manuel Rabanal. It has been described as tasting like "a fruitier Dr Pepper" or like Ironport soda.[1] After Fidel Castro became Cuba's leader and oversaw nationalization of private property in 1960, "Inverciones Rabanal" run by Jesus Larrazabal (husband of Teresa Rabanal – Manuel's daughter) along with the Ironbeer of Cuba families (Rabanal, Larrazabal, Rojas) were exiled in Miami.

In the mid-1990s, the United States version of the brand (no longer affiliated with Ironbeer of Cuba and without the 500 lb weights in the flexed arm logo) called Ironbeer Soft Drink Inc. was involved in a legal battle with Tropicana Products.

Ironbeer cans give the following story about its origins:

On a summers afternoon, in 1917 a mule-drawn, wooden wagon arrived at a popular cafeteria in Havana, Cuba. It delivered the first four cases of a new soft drink that would soon be called "The National Beverage". Now more than 80 years later, IRONBEER is still enjoyed for its refreshing flavor with just a hint of island spices. A lot can change over the years – but not the original flavor of IRONBEER![citation needed]


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