It's Everything, And Then It's Gone

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It's Everything, And Then It's Gone is a 2003 PBS rock music documentary. It is a Western Reserve Public Media/ PBS production, executive produced by Don Freeman and written/directed by Phil Hoffman[disambiguation needed], and was followed by the sequel, If You're Not Dead, Play.

It's Everything, And Then It's Gone takes viewers through the history of the first wave of mostly new wave music, post-punk and art rock bands, all from Akron, Ohio, that arrived on the scene in the 1970s, and explains just how the Akron Sound developed. The first wave of these bands include: Devo, King Cobras (Pre-Rubber City Rebels Band) (who would later reform as the Rubber City Rebels), The Bizarros, Tin Huey, Tin Huey's spin-off group The Waitresses and The Numbers Band.

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