Jaiyl District

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Kyrgyzstan Jayyl Raion.png
Country Kyrgyzstan
Province Chuy Province
 • Total 1,326 sq mi (3,435 km2)
Population (2009)
 • Total 94,428
Time zone GMT +5 (UTC+5)
Website http://www.jaiyl.kg/

Jaiyl is a raion (district) (Kalinin District until May 1993) of Chuy Province in northern Kyrgyzstan. The capital lies at Kara-Balta. It also administers an exclave in the southwestern heel of Chuy Province (not on map at right).:[1]

Populated places[edit]

As of 2009, Jaiyl District comprised 1 town and 36 villages in 12 rural communities (aiyl okmotus). The rural communities and settlements in the Jaiyl District are:[2]

  1. town Kara-Balta
  2. Ak-Bashat aiyl okmotu (villages Ak-Bashat, Aydarbek, Aral, Novo-Nikolaevka)
  3. Jaiyl aiyl okmotu (villages Jaiyl, Alekseevka)
  4. Kara-Suu aiyl okmotu (villages Stavropolovka and Kara-Suu)
  5. Krasnovostochnyi aiyl okmotu (villages Kalininskoe, Kaldyk, Kara-Tyube)
  6. Kyzyl-Dyikan aiyl okmotu (villages Kyzyl-Dyikan and Petropavlovka)
  7. Poltavka aiyl okmotu (villages Poltavka, Rpto-Suu, Maltobar)
  8. Sary-Bulak aiyl okmotu (villages Sary-Bulak, Molondor)
  9. Sarykoo aiyl okmotu (villages Iyiri-Suu, Eriktuu, Altyn, Fedorovka, Jeken, and Djonaryk)
  10. Sosnovka aiyl okmotu (village Sosnovka)
  11. Stepnoe aiyl okmotu (village Stepnoe)
  12. Suusamyr aiyl okmotu (villages Suusamyr, Kojomkul, Tunuk, 1-st May, Kyzyl-Oi, and Kaisar)
  13. Taldy-Bulak aiyl okmotu (center - village Bokso-Jol, and also villages Kaiyrma, Bekitay, and area Sorgo)


Coordinates: 42°49′N 73°51′E / 42.817°N 73.850°E / 42.817; 73.850