James Hanlon

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James Hanlon
Born 1966 (age 48–49)
United States
Occupation Director, Producer, Actor

James Hanlon (born 1966) is a former New York City firefighter, an actor and director.[1] He co-directed the CBS documentary film 9/11 with Jules and Gedeon Naudet.[2][3]


Hanlon received a degree in Journalism and Media and went on to work at The Daily News from 1989-1994.

In 1994, he joined the New York City Fire Department as a firefighter.

In 2001, he convinced the Commissioner to allow him to shoot a documentary about Tony Benetatos, a probationary, or "probie", firefighter. During filming, the September 11 attacks occurred and the documentary became the film 9/11 which he co-directed with Jules and Gedeon Naudet and which aired on CBS.[2]

He directed the independent documentary film Popwhore: A New American Dream. The film won the grand jury at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

He has appeared as an actor in episodes of NYPD Blue, Sex and the City, Criminal Minds and Law and Order amongst other roles.[4][5]


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