James the Cat

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James the Cat
My name's James, James the Cat
Format Animation
Created by Kate Canning
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) Grampian Television
Original channel ITV Network (CITV)
Original run 29 January 1984 – 24 December 1998

James the Cat was a children's series created by Kate Canning and produced by Jan Clayton with Grampian Television. It chronicles the many events which take place at the Cornerhouse (number 104) between James and his new friends. Fellow characters include: Mrs. Lavender, a snail; Frida, a kangaroo; Citroen, a French frog; Rocky, a dimwitted rabbit; and Dennis, a pink fire-breathing Welsh-accented Chinese dragon. There is also a beehive in the garden at the Cornerhouse. Next door are Ma and Pa Rat, and their rat children.

The show changes quite a bit between the two seasons. In the first, James is a newcomer to the garden at the Cornerhouse, and must learn to live with the other animals there. In the first episode of the second season, James becomes a diplomat (though sometimes he is referred to as a VIP). In subsequent episodes, he and the others travel to distant lands or receive important visitors. Despite the fact that he can't spell, James is a perfect choice for a diplomat, as he is a tuxedo cat, and quite pompous.

Each episode runs for about 5 minutes.

This show is also notable as the first show to ever air on the United Kingdom version of Nickelodeon, at 7:01am on 1 September 1993. It also premiered on PBS Kids Sprout too. [1]


List of episodes in 1984[edit]

  • Friends
  • The Rock Garden
  • The Thunder-Storm
  • Neighbours
  • The Seaside
  • Tea For Toad
  • Sums
  • Kites
  • The Cornerhouse
  • Big Top
  • The Confused Goose
  • The Playground
  • James G.P.
  • Bee Bop
  • Pa Rat's Problem
  • Lunch
  • Treasure
  • Arfur Mark
  • The Take-Over
  • Art Attack
  • Water-Works
  • The Dentist
  • Slim Chance
  • The Inventor
  • The Greedy Caterpillar
  • The Birthday Party

List of episodes in 1998[edit]

  • James V.I.P.
  • Little Bluey
  • Memories
  • Orange Aid
  • HARVEY The White Rabbit
  • It Ain't Fair
  • New Zealand Lamb
  • Pyragiro Blues
  • U.S Capers
  • Sweetheart
  • Nepali Puzzle
  • Safari
  • Fennimore's Friend
  • Painted Lady
  • Le Fireworks
  • Indian Summer
  • Legal Beagle
  • Spring Time
  • Dido the Dolphin
  • Betsy Purplebottom
  • Ups & Downs
  • The Wish
  • Caramba
  • Catwalk
  • China Tease
  • Higgy Pop


Executive Producer 
Angus Wright
Sean Arnold
Gary Yershon
Sue Allen, Tony Guy
Mark Taylor
Nigel Ashcroft
Tim Partridge
S.W.P.A. Animation Team 
Jane Gotts, Louise Waugh, Brian Anderson, Soft Cel (Cartoon Graphics)
Production Manager 
Stephen J. Robin of The Production Studio
Script Consultant 
Tony Marriott
Creator, Writer and Director 
Kate Canning (Pictures Limited)
Jan Clayton of The Production Studio
Taped at 
Kaufman Astoria Studios
A Grampian Television Production
(c)1984 The James the Cat Company.

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