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For the former pop band that represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, see Jemini.
Jemini the Gifted One aka Big City
Also known as Big City the international hood boy
Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genres hip hop
Occupation(s) [CEO STONECITY DIGITAL ENT GROUP LLC, Rapper, song writer, film producer, film writer, ]]
Labels Mercury Records, Polygram Records, Tommy Boy Black Label, Big Token Records, Brainchild Entertainment, STONECITY DIGITAL Lex Records
Associated acts Danger Mouse, Prince Po, Sadat X, Cee Lo Green, Aaron bell, Ronnie Laws, will Robeson,

Jemini the Gifted One aka BIG CITY IHb is the founder and CEO of STONECITY DIGITAL ENT GROUP rapper.Jemini is a Film writer, Documentary film producer, rapper, jingle writer, song writer/producer and hip hop visionary. His music has been featured in Television shows such as "ENTOURAGE", "NIP TUCK", "THEIF", and films such as "GRID IRON GANG and "DEAD MANS SHOES".

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Jemini released a 7 track promo-only EP only Mercury/Polygram in 1995 called Scars and Pain.[1]

"Funk Soul Sensation", produced by Organized Konfusion, was the debut single. In a review, Billboard called it "[s]ensational, smart soul."[2] A remix of "Funk Soul Sensation" was released later in 1995 on 12" vinyl. The B-side was "Funk Soul Sensation pt.II", which continued the dual personas of "The Gifted One" and the "Funk Soul Sensation" rapping back and forth to each other. In 1997, Jemini released another promotional single titled "Who Wanna Step To Dis" which was followed by 1998's "I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T./Who Wanna Step II Dis."[citation needed]

His 2003 collaboration with Danger Mouse, Ghetto Pop Life, landed the duo on The Guardian's list of The Forty Best Bands in the US, stating that the album "opts for a charming musical eclecticism and a fierce lyrical intelligence that bears comparison to prime-time Public Enemy."[3] The Independent wrote, "Along with Outkast's double-header, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Ghetto Pop Life is this year's most engrossing hip-hop record."[4]

In 2006, another rapper by the name of Gemini, under Lupe Fiasco's 1st & 15th label, emerged in the rap game. Jemini threatened to sue him so Gemini was forced to change his name to GemStones.[citation needed]

In July 2014 a report from revealed Jemini has changed his name to 'Big City' and is currently shopping a documentary about Ghetto Pop Life entitled 'Mice & Men' as well as working on new music and other project.[5]




  • Scars and Pain (1995)


  • "Funk Soul Sensation" (1995)
  • "Who Wanna Step II Dis" (1997)
  • "Who Wanna Step II Dis (Remix)" b/w "I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T. (I MC U Don't)" (1998)
  • "The I.N.I." b/w "Makes the World Go Round" (2000)
  • "Take Care of Business" (2002) with Danger Mouse

Guest appearances[edit]

  • 2 Rude - "All You Need (I Can Love You Better)" and "Don`t Hate Me" from Rudimental 2K (1999)
  • Chase Phoenix - "Feel So..." from Cut to the Chase (2004)
  • Prince Po - "Hold Dat" from The Slickness (2004)


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