Jissen Women's Junior College

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Jissen Women's Junior College
Established 1950
Type Private
Location Hino City, Japan
35°40′18.4″N 139°23′47.8″E / 35.671778°N 139.396611°E / 35.671778; 139.396611
Website http://www.jissen.ac.jp/jpn/top/05/index.php

Jissen Women's Junior College (実践女子短期大学 Jissen Joshi Tanki Daigaku?) is a junior college in Tokyo, Japan, and is part of the Jissen Gakuen network.

The institute was founded in 1889 as Jissen Jogakko.This junior college was set up in the Minato, Tokyo in 1950. The campus was set up on the site of Shukutoku Gakuen Junior College (淑徳学園短期大学 Shukutoku Gakuen Tanki Daigaku?) that had already been abolished in Matsubushi-cho,Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama Prefecture in 1973. The schoolhouse was moved to Hino city, Tokyo in 1976. Four subjects are possessed now.

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