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Joe Hursley
Born Joseph Gregory Hursley
Austin, Texas
Occupation Actor/Musician

Joseph Hursley (born March 19, 1979) is an actor and musician living in Los Angeles, California.


Hursley was born in Austin, Texas. His great-grandfather is Frank M. Hursley, co-creator of the longest running television soap opera, General Hospital.[1] His father, Greg Hursley, is an architectural photographer and his mother Kelle, a nurse.[2] Hursley began his entertainment career after participating in the Schick "Groove n' Smooth" national talent search in 1999. He won the talent search, and started a karaoke company at age 19. He became well known in Austin nightlife scene as Karaoke Joe, and went on to perform over five-hundred shows the next few years.[3]


After working a number of odd jobs, Hursley made his acting debut in the 2004 MTV reality comedy series You've Got a Friend.[4][5] The show was produced by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, and it showcased his ability to improvise realistic, silly, and subversive comedy. His task was to play an obnoxious 'friend' for 48 hours, while contestants had to prove their friendship in front of real friends and loved ones for a prize of $15,000. Hursley was increasingly sinister as the series progressed, pushing the limits while bending contestants to his whim. After the show, Hursley joined Kutcher on Punk'd, where he stumped various celebrities.

Joe Hursley with the Ringers at San Diego Comic Con in 2006 – Photograph by Patty Mooney

In late 2004, Hursley started the Los Angeles based rock and roll band the Ringers, with whom he released the albums Tokyo Massage III and Headlocks and Highkicks. He appeared in the Miami Ink episode "Ruthless and Toothless", where he had the second album name tattooed onto the back of his legs. Hursley has had success in music, with The Ringers featured in SPIN magazine in 2007.[6] The feature helped separate Hursley from his role as Maurice in the 2006 comedy Accepted, in which the Ringers performed on stage and were the only unsigned band to be featured on the movie soundtrack.

In 2007, he portrayed Otto in Resident Evil: Extinction, third installment of the Resident Evil film series. That same year he also played Rob, a creepy diner patron, alongside Jake Busey in the film Broken. In 2008, he combined his musical talent and comedy improvisational skills, and starred as faux rock god 'White Gold' in a commercial campaign for the California Milk Processor Board.[7][8] In 2009, he had a brief cameo as a mechanic in Fast & Furious.

In 2011 he starred as Ben Camelino, the lead in the feature film Balls to the Wall, directed by Penelope Spheeris. Spheeris is known for directing the classic comedies Wayne's World and iconic cult punk documentary series The Decline of Western Civilazation I, II, and III.[9] The film was produced by Eric Gores, Brett Forbes and Patrick Rizzotti.[10] Hursley has had a number of additional roles in commercials and television.[11][12]

Although The Ringers broke up in 2010, Joe and his cousin Patrick Hursley (the drummer of The Ringers), came back with a band called Indians.[13] Joe serves as lead vocals and guitar, and alongside Mike McGill (keyboard, bass) and Michael Hays (lead guitar), they released their self-titled debut in 2011. The first music video, "Sink Into You", was written and directed by Jordan Albertsen, and starred Joslyn Jensen and Taylor Handley, the latter known for The O.C., and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.[14]

Music by the Indians was featured in the 2012 film Rites of Passage, directed by Peter Iliff,[15] and the television show Top Gear.[citation needed]

In 2013 Indians changed their name to We Were Indians, and will be releasing their upcoming album in 2013.


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