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Joey Harrell (born 27 May 1985 in Durham, North Carolina, United States), is an American professional basketball player, who played for the Canterbury Rams in the 2008 NZL NBL season.

Harrell primarily plays as a power forward. He went to Jordan High in America, before attending NC-Asheville College from 2003-2007. In his freshmen year he averaged 1.4 ppg from 24 games, which increased to 2.9 ppg in his sophomore year. As a junior Harrell's numbers went up with the more game time he got, and in 2005-06 NCAA year he averaged 7.0 ppg, and 5.3 rebounds. These numbers were relatively similar in his senior year, where he put up 6.5 ppg, and 4.9 rpg from 31 matches.