Johann Heinrich Jakob Müller

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Johann Heinrich Jakob Müller (30 April 1809, Kassel, Kingdom of Westphalia; 3 October 1875, Freiburg im Breisgau) was a German physicist.


He studied in Darmstadt, Bonn, and Giessen, and became a teacher at Darmstadt. In 1844 he was appointed professor of physical sciences at Freiburg, Baden.


His principal work, Lehrbuch der Physik und Meteorologie (2 vols., Brunswick, 1842; 7th ed., 1868–69), was originally a version of Pouillet's Éléments de physique; and he published a supplement to it, Lehrbuch der kosmischen Physik (1856; 3d ed., 1872). Among his other works are: Grundriss der Physik und Meteorologie (1846; 10th ed., 1869–70; with two supplements); Grundzüge der Krystallographie (1845; 2d ed., 1869); Die constructive Zeichnungslehre (2 vols. 1868); and Anfangsgründe der geometrischen Disciplin für Gymnasien, &c. (3d ed., 1869).