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John Spalding was a 15th-century churchman based at Brechin in Angus, Scotland. Spalding became Dean of Brechin in 1456; he was confirmed in this position by the Pope on 5 October 1458.[1]


After the resignation of Robert Lauder as Bishop of Dunblane at the papal curia on 12 September 1466, the Pope provided John Herspolz to that bishopric; King James III of Scotland however, perhaps not aware of the Pope's actions, nominated John Spalding in late 1466 or in 1467; this certainly occurred before 19 November 1467.[2]

Spalding did not become the bishop however, Herspolz being consecrated in the summer or autumn of 1467.[3]

While Dean of Brechin, Spalding had a perpetual appointment as vicarage of the parish church of Dune and of the parish church of Kinel. Spalding's yearly revenues did not exceed thirty pounds sterling for each.[4]

Spalding retained his deanery until 1487, despite being challenged by John Barry from 1477 onwards.[5] On 17 February 1487, Spalding exchanged the deanery of Brechin for the precentorship of the cathedral with Hugh Douglas; Spalding was said to be 69 years old on this occasion.[6]

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Religious titles
Preceded by
William Forbes
Dean of Brechin
Succeeded by
Hugh Douglas