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Jonas Kullhammar (September 2, 1978) is a Swedish jazz composer, saxophonist and is one of Sweden's most promising jazz musicians. Since 1998 his main group has been Jonas Kullhammar Quartet, and he has participated on over 150 records as a sideman. In year 2000 he released his debut recording, the self-produced "Salut". It won him Sweden Radio's Jazz Cat award as the newcomer of the year. He also received the Django D'or award and received the price Sweden Radio's Jazz Cat as Jazz Musician of The Year in Sweden two years in a row. The group also received the award for jazz group of the year. Since then the band has toured around the world and released more CDs. Jonas is also a founding member of the groups Kullrusk and Nacka Forum. Since 2000 he runs the record label Moserobie, that releases mainly Swedish and Norwegian jazz groups.

Kullhammar has worked with artists and bands The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Carlos Garnett, Nicolai Dunger, Fredrik Norén Band, Torbjörn Zetterberg Hot Five, Sonic Mechatronik Arkestra, Peanuts Hucko, The Plan, Nina Ramsby, Goran Kajfes, Marcus Strickland, Eldkvarn, Jupiter Trio, The Core, Mulatu Astatke, Salem Al Fakir, The Hives, Ted Curson, Chick Corea, Jason Moran, Dungen and more.


  • Django d'Or award 2004 (Contemporary star of jazz)
  • Stallbröderna award
  • Arne Domnérus Guldsaxen Award 2006
  • Alice Babs Award 2008
  • Svenska Jazzriksförbundets "Kjell-Ake Svensson" Award
  • Sigma award, co:Ellington society
  • Sandrew "Tore Browaldh" award
  • Aftonbladets "Jazz musician of the year" 2001
  • Royal music academy "Jazz award" 2014
  • Guldbaggen award (swedish equivalent to an Oscar) for best film music 2014, for the film Gentlemen

Swedish jazz critics "Jazzkatten" awards[edit]

  • Newcomer of the year 2000
  • Jazz Artist of The Year 2002
  • Jazz Artist of The Year 2003
  • Jazz Group Of The Year 2002 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet)

Nominations for the Swedish grammy[edit]

  • 2002 with Nacka Forum
  • 2003 with JKQ for Plays Loud for The People
  • 2004 with Kullrusk
  • 2005 with JKQ & NBB - Snake City North
  • 2006 with JKQ - Son of a Drummer
  • 2009 with JKQ - The Half Naked Truth
  • 2013 with JKQ - Låt det vara
  • 2014 for "Gentlemen - original motion picture jazz tracks"

Nominations for the manifest award[edit]

  • 2006 with JKQ - Son of a Drummer
  • 2009 with JKQ - The Half Naked Truth

Selected discography[edit]

  • Salut 2000 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet)
  • The Soul Of Jonas Kullhammar 2001 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet)
  • Live At Glenn Miller vol.1 2002 (Jansson, Kullhammar & Nilssen-Love) Ayler Records
  • Nacka Forum 2002 (Nacka Forum)
  • Plays Loud For The People 2003 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet)
  • Kullrusk 2004 (Kullrusk)
  • Snake City North 2005 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet with Norrbotten Big Band)
  • Leve Nacka Forum 2005 (Nacka Forum)
  • Gyldene Tider Vol.1 2005 (Fredriksson, Kullhammar & Zetterberg)
  • Gyldene Tider Vol.2 2005 (Fredriksson, Kullhammar & Zetterberg)
  • Gyldene Tider Vol.3 2005 (Fredriksson, Kullhammar & Zetterberg)
  • Spring spring spring spring spring 2006 (Kullrusk)
  • Son of a drummer 2006 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet)
  • Andratx 2007 (Kullhammar-Osgood-Vågan)
  • Live at Glenn Miller 2008 (Gyldene Trion)
  • Digital (Jonas Kullhammar album)|Digital 2008 (Kullrusk) (LP album|LP only)
  • The Half Naked Truth 2009 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet) (limited edition 8 cd box)
  • Chant 2009 (Pinton/Kullhammar/Zetterberg/Nordeson])
  • Från och med herr Jonas Kullhammar 2010 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet)
  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:Vallmo 2010 (Nicolai Dunger & Jonas Kullhammar)(LP album|LP only)
  • Basement Sessions Vol. 1 2012 (Kulhammar/Aalberg/Zetterberg)
  • Fee Fi Fo Rum 2012 (Nacka Forum)
  • Svenska Kaputt 2012 (Fiske/Kullhammar/Zetterberg/Holmegard)
  • Plays A Love Supreme 2013 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet) (limited edition 10" LP)
  • Låt det vara 2013 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet) (CD and LP)
  • This is the end 2013 (Jonas Kullhammar Quartet) (Limited edition yellow 180g vinyl)
  • Basement Sessions Vol. 2 2013 (Kulhammar/Aalberg/Zetterberg)
  • Live in Tokyo (futuring Akira Sakata) 2014 (Nacka Forum)
  • Basement Sessions Vol. 3 2014 (Kulhammar/Aalberg/Zetterberg)
  • Gentlemen (original motion picture jazz tracks) (Jonas Kullhammar)

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