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Joos de Momper the Younger
Dyck Anthonis van - Etching of Joost de Momper the Younger, fifth state - circa 1632 to 1641.jpg
Portrait of Joos de Momper c. 1632-1641, by Anthony van Dyck.
Born Joos de Momper
Antwerp, Duchy of Brabant, Habsburg Netherlands
Died 1635
Antwerp, Duchy of Brabant, Habsburg Netherlands
Known for Painting
Movement Dutch and Flemish Renaissance
Tower of Babel in the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Joos de Momper the Younger (1564–1635), also known as Josse de Momper, is one of the most important Flemish landscape painters between Pieter Brueghel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens. Brueghel's influence is clearly evident in this many of de Momper's paintings.


According to the Netherlands Institute for Art History he came from an old painting family of Antwerp and was named after his grandfather who was also a landscape painter.[1] He learned to paint from his father Bartholomeus de Momper and in 1581 he became a ""vrijmeester"" or master in the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke.[1] His registered pupils were Louis de Caullery, and Philippe de Momper.[1] He was followed by Frans de Momper and Hercules Seghers.[1]

In the 1580s, he travelled to Italy to study art. De Momper primarily painted landscapes, the genre for which he was well regarded during his lifetime. He painted both fantasy landscapes, viewed from a high vantage point and employing a conventional Mannerist color transition of brown in the foreground to green and finally blue in the background, and more realistic landscapes with a lower viewpoint and more natural colors. His wide panoramas also feature groups of figures. Only a small number of the 500 paintings attributed to De Momper are signed, and just one is dated.

According to Houbraken he was mentioned by Karel van Mander in his Schilder-boeck and his likeness was engraved by the great Anthony van Dyck.[2]

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