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Joseph Tabrar (5 November 1857 – 22 August 1931) was one of the most famous songwriters of British music hall (similar to American Vaudeville), probably most famous for the song "Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow Wow" (1892).

Tabrar was born into a family of stage people. His father was George Tabrar. Tabrar began his musical career in the church choir. He later became a bell hanger and a plumber. During his 60-year songwriting career, Tabrar wrote thousands of songs, many of them written to order.

Tabrar is buried in the former VABF memorial at Streatham Park Cemetery, which has being restored by The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America.


  • "All Bad! Very Very Bad" (1887?)
  • "Bid Me Goodbye For Ever"
  • "Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow Wow" (1892)
  • "Dear Old Ned"
  • "For Months and Months and Months" (1909?)
  • "Goodbye! Goodbye!! Goodbye!!! (1887?)
  • "He’s Sailing On the Briny Ocean"
  • "Hundreds and Thousands"
  • "Just a Little" (1889?)
  • "Madame Duvan" (1880s)
  • "Mary Ann"
  • "Not While Britannia's Alive" (1890?)
  • "Oh! You Little Darling" (188?)
  • "She's a Real Good Mother" (1883)
  • "Ting Ting That's How The Bell Goes"
  • "Trilby's Revival"
  • "Waiting Waiting Waiting"