Juarez (album)

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Studio album by Terry Allen
Released 1975
Genre Country
Label Sugar Hill Records
Terry Allen chronology
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Juarez is an album released by Terry Allen in 1975. The album has been reissued on compact disc by Sugar Hill Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Juarez Device" (aka "Texican Badman")
  2. "The Characters/ A Simple Story"
  3. "Cortez Sail"
  4. "Border Palace"
  5. "Dogwood"
  6. "Writing On Rocks Across The USA"
  7. "The Radio...And Real Life"
  8. "There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California"
  9. "What Of Alicia"
  10. "Honeymoon In Cortez"
  11. "Four Corners"
  12. "The Run South"
  13. "Jabo/Street Walkin' Woman"
  14. "Cantina Carlotta"
  15. "La Despedida (The Parting)"
  16. "El Camino Instrumental"
  17. "El Camino"