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June Thomson (also known as June Valerie Thomson), (born 1930, in Rettendon, Essex, United Kingdom) is a detective novelist.


A former teacher, Thomson was educated at Chelmsford High School. She is the creator of the Chief Inspector Jack Finch (Inspector Rudd in American editions) and Sergeant Tom Boyce series of novels. Since 1990 she also wrote a series of six Sherlock Holmes pastiche anthologies of short stories. Her works have been translated into many languages. June Thomson currently lives in St. Albans in Hertfordshire and is the mother of the philosophy writer Garrett Thomson. Her other son is Paul Thomson.


Chief Inspector Jack Finch/Inspector Rudd[edit]

  • Not One of Us (1971)
  • Death Cap (1973)
  • The Long Revenge (1974)
  • Case Closed (1977)
  • A Question of Identity (1977)
  • Deadly Relations (aka The Habit of Loving) (1979)
  • Alibi in Time (1980)
  • Shadow of a Doubt (1981)
  • To Make a Killing (aka Portrait of Lilith) (1982)
  • Sound Evidence (1984)
  • A Dying Fall (1985)
  • The Dark Stream (1986)
  • No Flowers by Request (1987)
  • Rosemary for Remembrance (1988)
  • The Spoils of Time (1989)
  • Past Reckoning (1990)
  • Foul Play (1991)
  • Burden of Innocence (1996)
  • The Unquiet Grave (2000)
  • Going Home (2006)

Sherlock Holmes[edit]

  • The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes (1990)
  • The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (1992)
  • The Secret Journals of Sherlock Holmes (1993)
  • Holmes and Watson: A Study in Friendship (1995)
  • The Secret Documents of Sherlock Holmes (1999)
  • The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes (2004)
  • The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes (2012)


  • Biography : Editor's foreword in "Les Dossiers Secrets de Sherlock Holmes" ("The secret journals of Sherlock Holmes") Le Masque Les Reines du Crime Librairie des Champs Elysées 1995

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