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written also Karoly Reich

Károly Reich (8 August 1922 – 7 September 1988) was a Hungarian artist, best known for his children's books illustrations and for his original draughtsmanship. His illustrations were popular among Hungarian children throughout his 40-year career,[1] during which he illustrated around 500 books.[2]

Life and education[edit]

Reich was born in Balatonszemes, the child of a farming family. He drew at home before progressing to the Hungarian Academy of Applied Art, where he specialized in the Fine Arts section from 1942-44.[1] He died in Budapest.


Reich drew his early inspirations from the beaches of Lake Balaton, where he first began to draw. His later influences included Greek mythology. With a great sense of intuition he illustrated about 500 books.[2]


Reich's works were exhibited throughout Hungary, and internationally at shows in Essen, Lugano, Paris, Tokyo, Sofia, and Belgrade.

External links[edit]

Drawings and book illustrations by Reich can be seen here: