Kafia Kingi

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Kafia Kingi
حمرة الوز
Kafia Kingi is located in Sudan
Kafia Kingi
Kafia Kingi
Location in Sudan
Coordinates: 9°16′23″N 24°25′03″E / 9.273123°N 24.417404°E / 9.273123; 24.417404Coordinates: 9°16′23″N 24°25′03″E / 9.273123°N 24.417404°E / 9.273123; 24.417404
Country  Sudan
State جنوب دارفور
Time zone GMT+3

Kafia Kingi (or Kafiya Kinji) is a community in Western Bahr al-Ghazal state, South Sudan.

The Kafia Kingi enclave is a mineral-rich area on the border between Sudan and South Sudan. It was due to be given to South Sudan under the terms of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement.[1] The Arab Republic of Sudan controls this enclave today.[2]

Warlord Joseph Kony is thought to hiding in Kafia Kingi.[3]