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Kafra is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic كفرة
Subdistrict Baysan
Coordinates 32°35′34.69″N 35°29′27.08″E / 32.5929694°N 35.4908556°E / 32.5929694; 35.4908556Coordinates: 32°35′34.69″N 35°29′27.08″E / 32.5929694°N 35.4908556°E / 32.5929694; 35.4908556
Population 430 (1945[1])
Area 9,172 dunams
Date of depopulation May 16, 1948[2]
Cause(s) of depopulation Influence of nearby town's fall

Kafra (Arabic: كفرة‎) was a Palestinian Arab village located 10.5 kilometres north of Baysan. Built along both sides of the Wadi Kafra, the village had been known by this name since at least the time of the Crusades.[3] The population of the village in 1922 was 273, rising to an estimated 499 in 1948. It was depopulated by the Israel Defense Forces during the 1948 Palestine War on May 16, 1948.[2]


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