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Karha is a river flowing through the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its basin lies in parts of Pune . The city of Baramati lies on the banks of this river. Karha is a tributary of the Nira river.


Karha is one of the holly River. Temple of God Ganesha amongst the Ashtavinayaka Moreshwar of Moregaon is situated on the bank of river. Origin of River Karha is Near Garade Village in Saswad Tehsil and get unite in the main stream of the Nira River near the Village Songaon in Baramati Tehsil.


On the bank of river karha the great Marathi Socialist, Writer and Filmmaker P. K. Atre was born. He is One of the Leader in the United Marathi Speaker State Movement, his series of books on the Movement viz. Karheche Pani कऱ्हेचे पाणी created Undisputed Place in the History of Marathi Language.

Coordinates: 18°12′N 74°31′E / 18.200°N 74.517°E / 18.200; 74.517