Kasautii Zindagii Kay

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay
Kasautii Zindagii Kay.jpeg
A promotional image of Kasautii Zindagii Kay
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor
Running time Approx. 20 minutes
Original channel Star Plus
Original release 2001 – 2008[1]

Kasautii Zindagii Kay is an Indian romantic drama television series. The show ran for seven long years and starred Shweta Tiwari, Cezzane Khan (who was later replaced by Hiten Tejwani), and Ronit Roy in lead roles;[2] The show recorded one of the highest TRPs.[3]


Kasautii Zindagii Kay is a star-crossed romance which describes Anurag & Prerna and their everlasting & undying love for each other. The two want to get married with each other but the couple get separated when Anurag is forced to get married to Komolika by the insistence of his mother, Mohini. Devastated and heart-broken Prerna now hates Anurag for what he has done to her and in one of the twists Komolika turns out to be a tight-fisted and power-hungry woman who married Anurag for the sake of his wealth. On knowing this, Anurag divorces Komolika and wishes to marry Prerna but due to some unspecified reason Prerna has to marry an arrogant business tycoon Rishabh Bajaj the reason of which is later revealed; Prerna marries Rishabh to save Anurag's wealth and property. After a series of heart-break, Anurag and Prerna get into a brief matrimony which is soon ended due to some misunderstandings and the death of Prem, Anurag and Prerna's son. During this Prerna is consoled by Rishabh (who is frequently called "Mr. Bajaj") with whom she later falls in love. However, Anurag still loves Prerna and gets a shock when he learns that Prerna's love for him is now for Rishabh, therefore he sacrifices his love for them and unites them. Rishabh and Prerna get married to each other. Anurag also get married to two other women (Aparna and Sampada) who are eventually divorced. In the meanwhile several leaps with new faces are introduced. Anurag and Prerna's love for each other gradually turns into friendship which creates misunderstandings in their married lives. At one snowy night Prerna is shot dead and Anurag also dies in her grief and hence the two unite in their deaths who were separated throughout their lives.


Moloy Basu (Deepak Qazir Kejriwal) runs a large company called Basu Publications, and his best friend Rajesh Sharma works for it. Moloy wants Rajesh’s daughter Prerna (Shweta Tiwari) to marry his son Anurag (Cezanne Khan). At first, Anurag and Prerna dislike the idea, but later they fall in love. Anurag’s mother Mohini is against this relationship because of the financial disparity between the upper-class Basus and middle-class Sharmas. One day, the lovers get stuck in a lonely place and end up consummating their relationship. Their mutual love is recognized by their fathers, who decide to get them engaged. But, in a tragic accident, Rajesh passes away and Moloy goes into coma. Using this opportunity, Mohini plans to separate them. She successfully uses emotional blackmail on Anurag. Prerna finds out she is pregnant, even as Anurag marries Komolika (Urvashi Dholakia), the daughter of Mohini’s friend. Prerna thinks Anurag has cheated her and decides to take revenge. Anurag silently helps her. Later, Prerna gives birth to a son and names him Prem. He is adopted by Prerna’s brother and sister-in-law. The Basu family gets a shock on finding out that Komolika is a gold-digger. She has married Anurag for the sake of his family’s wealth. Anurag divorces her. He also finds out that Prem is his son.

Happiness seems to be back in the lives of Prerna and Anurag. They decide to get married, with blessings from both families. But fate plays spoilsport. Komolika takes over the Basu family’s assets. She is helped by Rishabh Bajaj, a handsome, rich, shrewd and hardhearted businessman. The Basu family is facing the worst time of their lives. Prerna approaches Mr. Bajaj. He asks her to marry him in return for the assets. She unhappily agrees, for the sake of Anurag’s family, and gets married to Bajaj. Anurag is heartbroken and unable to forget her.

The reason Mr. Bajaj married Prerna is soon revealed. He has three children — Vishakha, Tushar and Kuki — from a marriage that ended in a divorce. The youngest child, Kuki, is blind. He wants a woman to take care of his children. Slowly, Prerna gets attached to the children, and they too love her. She even manages to bring about some change in Bajaj, making him a more sensitive and humane person. After some time, Bajaj falls in love with Prerna and expresses his feelings to her. She is shocked, since their marriage was based on an agreement that they would never have an intimate relationship. Then a new person enters their lives: Menaka Bose. She finances Anurag’s business and is extremely interested in the Bajaj family. It is later revealed that she is Mr. Bajaj’s ex-wife and the mother of his children. When Menaka learns about Bajaj’s remarriage, she tries to bring her children over to her side, but they remain loyal to Prerna. Bajaj goes abroad on business. Meanwhile, Anurag talks to Prerna as a friend. He tells her to move ahead in her married life and get close to her husband. Prerna agrees to do so. Just then, she gets news of her husband’s death in a car accident abroad. She is shattered.

The widowed Prerna decides to fulfill all of Mr. Bajaj’s responsibilities. She takes good care of his business and family. Tushar and Vishakha are shocked when they learn that their father had forced Prerna to marry him. They make plans to re-unite Anurag and Prerna. It is then revealed that Bajaj is still alive and in a coma. His accident and reported death were arranged by Menaka, who wanted to separate him from Prerna. Meanwhile, Kuki’s eyesight is restored through Prerna’s efforts. Even as Prerna and Anurag get married in India, Bajaj regains consciousness abroad. Cleverly, he figures out Menaka’s evil plans and exposes them, so that she goes to jail. Everybody tries to convince Mr. Bajaj that he should let Prerna live with Anurag. Bajaj does so, but is not able to forget her.

Prerna and Anurag spend some happy days together with their son Prem. But Prerna loves Bajaj’s children, too, and sometimes neglects her family to be with them. Then, Komolika gets back into the Basu family. She marries Anurag’s cousin Subroto. Komolika keeps trying to influence Mohini against Prerna. As a result, Mohini behaves badly with Prerna. Bajaj secretly tries to disturb Prerna’s life with Anurag. He keeps creating misunderstandings between the couple. Anurag distrusts Bajaj. But Prerna treats Bajaj as a friend. Anurag gets jealous and thinks Prerna loves Bajaj. This causes tension between the couple. Then comes the biggest blow in Prerna and Anurag’s lives. Two-year-old -Prem is kidnapped. Anurag, with the help of the police, searches every nook and corner of the city. Finally, when they find the boy, they are shocked to see him in a very serious condition. A tragedy occurs when Prem dies in the hospital. Prerna and Anurag are devastated. They struggle to come to terms with their son’s death and end up blaming each other for it. Mr. Bajaj’s well-meant interference causes more strain in this already shaky relationship, and Prerna leaves the Basu house. In another shocking twist, the real kidnapper of Prem is revealed to be Subroto. He did all this to get the whole Basu property in his name. Though he did not intend to kill Prem, the goons he hired used too much chloroform by accident, which caused the child’s death.

Prerna finds herself pregnant again. At first, Anurag is excited to know about this. But Komolika creates doubts in his mind and makes him think that Prerna is carrying Bajaj’s child. Prerna is stunned at Anurag’s lack of trust in her. Mohini uses the opportunity to widen the gaps between the couple and lead them to a divorce. Due to the constant comments and questions from her own family, Prerna leaves the house and starts staying with Mr. Bajaj and his children. On the other hand, a new friend Aparna enters Anurag’s life. Mohini decides to get Anurag married to Aparna. Anurag unhappily agrees. Prerna is shattered to know this. Anurag slowly accepts that Aparna is his present and Prerna his past. Time passes and Prerna gives birth to a baby girl, whom she names Sneha. After Prerna’s delivery, Anurag decides to do some DNA tests as there is a chance Sneha might be his daughter. Komolika, knowing everything, switches the test reports and proves that Anurag is not the baby’s father. Anurag’s worst fears are confirmed. Feeling bitter, he consummates his marriage with Aparna. He refuses to acknowledge Sneha as his daughter. Prerna is hurt beyond words. Along with her baby daughter, she moves to a hill town, where the Bajaj family joins her.

The story takes a leap forward of eight years. Prerna, Anurag, Bajaj, Aparna and Komolika’s destinies cross again. The eight-year-old Sneha is the apple of Prerna’s eye. Mr. Bajaj also adores the child. However, Sneha doesn’t know who her father is. She goes to school and befriends a girl named Diya who is, in fact, Anurag’s niece. Sneha visits the Basu House with Diya. Nobody guesses that she is Anurag’s daughter. Anurag is won over by Sneha, who resembles him in many ways. Later, Prerna and Anurag come across each other at a camp attended by Sneha and Diya. Anurag is upset to think that the child he has grown to love is the proof of his ex-wife’s infidelity. Owing to societal pressure and Sneha’s increasing questions about her father, Prerna gets engaged to Mr. Bajaj. Later on, fate plays its cards again—Sneha is diagnosed with leukemia. Her only chance of survival is with a bone marrow transplant. Anurag now comes to know that Sneha is his daughter and Prerna had never cheated on him. The doctors are not able to find a bone marrow donor for Sneha. In order to save her life they advise Prerna to have another child with Anurag, so that its bone marrow can be used to treat Sneha. In a move supported by Bajaj and Aparna, Anurag and Prerna come together to have another child. They no longer wish to stay with each other. But their temporary union and the resulting pregnancy cause insecurity to both Aparna and Mr. Bajaj.

Then, Karvachauth (a festival of the Hindus for married women) approaches. Knowing that things in the two couples’ lives are sour, Aparna decides to fast for good luck. When Anurag returns home, he sees that only Aparna is there. In the midst of loving conversation, she suddenly stabs him with a knife. Then, her true colours are revealed. She is actually an evil person, only interested in Anurag’s wealth. She had earlier married a man named Debo, with whom she had a son called Shravan, whom she hid somewhere. Debo needs to know his son’s whereabouts, so he helps her kill Anurag. The entire Basu family is plunged into despair, and everyone pities Aparna, thinking that she is a grieving widow. But eventually she starts showing her true colours in front of the family. In the meantime Aparna is scared by Anurag's ghost. Here we come to know that Anurag is alive and was saved by none other than Debo. He was helping Aparna only to know the whereabouts of his son Shrawan. Aparna persuades the Basu family to leave Basu house. In the following episodes Bajaj and Mr. Moloy also come to know that Anurag is alive. In the opening party of a cancer hospital Aparna is again scared by Anurag's ghost and signs the property papers in Anurag' s favour and also reveals the truth (that she tried to kill Anurag) in front of everyone including the police commissioner.

Rishabh Bajaj breaks his engagement so that Prerna can return to Anurag. But, by now, she is in love with Bajaj, who has supported her through thick and thin. Anurag is also now interested in getting back with Prerna. But he decides to be a good friend and unite her with the man she loves. Prerna gives birth to Anurag's son and names him Prem in memory of her first child. Sneha’s illness is successfully treated. Debo also comes to know about his son Shravan. Aparna contacts Prerna and very cunningly calls her to the place where she and Debo are hiding. Debo is just about to leave with his son for Australia when his son forgets his favourite toy inside the home and persuades Debo to bring it. Debo goes inside and brings back the toy and finds Aparna near the door. She and Debo argue and in the midst of the argument she kills Debo. Prerna comes to Aparna's place and she again intelligently makes her catch the gun so that Prerna could be framed for Debo's murder. During Navaratri celebrations, Aparna calls Anurag to meet her near the cliff but due to some confusion Prerna reaches there and Aparna and she get into a fight. Aparna's car falls off the cliff and she dies. Bajaj and Prerna get married and are soon expecting their own child together. However, another disaster strikes. Little Prem is kidnapped by Komolika because of Anurag’s carelessness. Prerna is furious with Anurag. The lovers-turned-friends now become completely estranged from one another. Anurag goes abroad with his adopted son Shravan. Prerna gives birth to Bajaj’s daughter Kasak. After this the story takes a huge time-leap of a generation.

After the time leap, Prerna and Anurag run into each other again, causing mixed feelings in both of them. Anurag decides to get married to his loyal friend and business partner Sampada. Shravan and Kasak, now grown up, fall in love with each other. They are to get married, but at the last moment Shravan finds out the past of Prerna, Anurag and his mother Aparna. He thinks that Prerna cheated Aparna. He takes revenge by abandoning Kasak. Relations between the two families become even more tense. Their old enemy, Komolika, comes back to add fuel to fire.

Amid many misunderstandings, Prerna and Anurag find their lost son Prem, now known as Yudi. Kasask meets with an accident and is saved by a woman who is none other than Aparna. She had survived and had taken away Prem from Komolika. In an episode she reveals how she had created problems in Anurag, Prerna and Bajaj's lives. Prem (Yudi) has turned into a bitter, heartless and selfish young man. Aparna meets Shravan and back bites her against Anurag and Prerna. Prerna takes up the challenge of improving Prem (Yudi) but it proves to be very difficult. Aparna again creates misunderstandings between Prem and Prerna. But everything is solved and Aparna is arrested for trying to kill Anurag 20 years ago and her husband Debo. In the meantime, Sneha gets married to Sharad. He seems to be an ideal husband, but is later found guilty of raping Prem’s girlfriend Mukti. Confronting Sharad with this discovery, Sneha accidentally shoots her mother-in-law. Prerna takes the blame for the death and spends some years in jail.

When she is released from captivity, Prerna finds her family in pieces. A grieving and guilt-stricken Sneha has turned into a drug addict. Mr. Bajaj has distanced himself from everyone. Only Anurag understands and supports Prerna. Eventually, she brings her family together again. Prem is devastated after Mukti’s accidental death. Meanwhile Prerna finds Devki, a lookalike of Mukti, in Panchmeshwar who is soon revealed to be a bank robber. Prem finds comfort with Devki. It is revealed that Devki was doing this for the sake of her brother. Here Aparna returns as a good woman and helps Prerna in her tough times. Prerna has met with an accident and Aparna is taking care of her. A masked man tries to kill Prerna in the hospital but Aparna tries to stop him. Rishabh watches this and he is sure that Aparna has turned into a good woman. He engages Aparna with his younger brother Mahesh. Happy from this, Aparna reveals that she has come to destroy Bajaj family. She then brings Prerna's lookalike Maya and both of them try to destroy the Bajaj house. Aparna kills Prerna and she falls off the cliff. Here Aparna is in the misunderstanding that Prerna is alive. But eventually she comes to know that Maya and Prerna are the same. Anurag and Prerna had made the plan to frame Aparna. Rishabh's hearing in court iis approaching as he is framed for Yuvraj's murder whom Aparna had killed. But Aparna cunningly destroys the CD which had the proof that Rishabh is innocent. She also tries to shoot Prerna but Anurag saves her and he is shot but saved. Rishabh is sentenced to death by hanging. Prerna is sad and comes back home. Aparna calls her and laughs at her as she will not be able to save Rishabh. Aparna is about to leave for Canada that Omi, Yuvraj's brother, frames her for a false murder. Aparna in the court reveals the truth that she killed Yuvraj. Aparna is taken to jail but she escapes and comes to Basu house to kill Anurag but Prerna saves him. Aparna escapes and Sampada finds Anurag and Prerna alone and misunderstands them. Aparna calls Sampada and back bites her against Anurag and Prerna's relation. In the meantime Aparna is arrested. Devki also disappears without explanation one day. The heartbroken Prem finally marries a girl named Palchhin, who provides him with much-needed stability and companionship. Sneha remarries and is soon expecting a child with her husband, Omi.

However, another storm is brewing in the lives of the Basu and Bajaj families. Anurag’s wife Sampada has become jealous of his friendship with Prerna. Misunderstandings are growing between Anurag and Bajaj. The two men have a show-down on a hilltop one stormy night. Unseen in the confusion, Sampada fires a bullet at Mr. Bajaj, sending him headlong into the deep water. Prerna misusnderstands the scene and concludes that Anurag has killed her husband. She shoots Anurag in a blind rage and he falls into the same water as Rishabh. Both men are believed to be dead. If Sampada tells the truth, she may be arrested for Rishabh’s murder. So she supports Prerna. As a result, Prerna is not punished for shooting Anurag.

Another 20 years pass. Prerna is now a grandmother to a bunch of children and teenagers. A mysterious man named Pratham Mittal starts creating problems for her. He is soon revealed to be Anurag, who had survived the shootout twenty years ago. Having undergone plastic surgery, he has acquired a new appearance and identity. He is very angry with Prerna for what she did to him. However, as time passes, he again begins to get attracted to her. Finally, he discovers that the real culprit is his wife Sampada. After Sampada is exposed, the Basu and Bajaj families think about uniting Prerna and Anurag in the evening of their lives. However, they come to know that Rishabh Bajaj is alive and lying unconscious in a hospital. Prerna is overjoyed to find her long-lost husband. However, Anurag is suspicious and discovers that Bajaj is trying to take revenge. This is because of Rishabh’s misunderstanding that Prerna and Anurag have cheated him.

Meanwhile, two of Prerna’s granddaughters— Prerna Junior (P2) and Dhara— have got married to brothers Nihaal and Vardaan Garewal. Komolika makes an unexpected appearance as the aunt-by-marriage of the Garewal brothers and poses as a changed and reformed woman. It is revealed that Komolika is still trying to hurt Anurag and Prerna in fact she is the one who has poisoned Rishabh's mind. Finally, Rishabh realizes that Prerna and Anurag are innocent. Komolika shoots Mr. Bajaj on his forehead. Prerna responds by killing Komolika. However, in the process, both Anurag and Prerna also lose their lives. Mr. Bajaj survives but loses his mind and is placed in a mental hospital. He only responds to Prerna’s name. Prem writes a book titled Kasauti Zindagi Kii. It narrates the story of Anurag and Prerna— lovers who were separated throughout their lives but were united in death. The spirits of Prerna and Anurag look down. It is suggested that they will be present wherever two lovers come together.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay was based on following chapters in its storyline. Below are the highlights.[4]

  • Chapter 1 (Episode 1 - 26) - Prerna and Anurag are in love. Mohini wants Anurag to marry Komolika.
  • Chapter 2 (Episode 27 - 67) - Anurag marries Komolika; Prerna pregnant with his child
  • Chapter 3 (Episode 67 - 108) - Moloy unhappy about the Anurag-Komolika marriage
  • Chapter 4 (Episode 109 - 164) - Komolika and Anurag's divorce
  • Chapter 5 (Episode 165 - 210) - Prerna marries Rishabh Bajaj to protect the Basu family assets
  • Chapter 6 (Episode 211 - 276) - Mr. Bajaj's ex-wife Menaka poses problems for Prerna
  • Chapter 7 (Episode 277 - 330) - Mr Bajaj's disappearance after his accident. Prerna-Anurag are engaged
  • Chapter 8 (Episode 331 - 374) - Trouble in Anurag and Prerna's paradise
  • Chapter 9 (Episode 375 - 402) - Prerna and Anurag's son Prem abducted
  • Chapter 10 (Episode 403 - 441) - Anurag suspicious about Prerna and Mr Bajaj. Anurag marries Aparna
  • Chapter 11 (Episode 442 - 472) - Prerna moves to Panchmeshwar with her daughter Sneha
  • Chapter 12 (Episode 473 - 511) - After 8 years: Sneha visits Anurag's house. Prerna and Mr Bajaj get engaged
  • Chapter 13 (Episode 512 - 572) - Sneha fights leukemia
  • Chapter 14 (Episode 573 - 623) - Aparna and Debo's plot to murder Anurag
  • Chapter 15 (Episode 624 - 646) - Prerna accused of Aparna's murder
  • Chapter 16 (Episode 647 - 685) - Prerna marries Mr Bajaj
  • Chapter 17 (Episode 686 - 757) - Generation Leap: Shravan avenges his mother Aparna's death
  • Chapter 18 (Episode 758 - 781) - Is Tanisha, Mr Bajaj's daughter?
  • Chapter 19 (Episode 782 - 833) - Mr Bajaj and Prerna meet with a fatal accident
  • Chapter 20 (Episode 834 - 873) - Yudi is Prerna and Anurag's son Prem
  • Chapter 21 (Episode 874 - 928) - Yudi's transformation
  • Chapter 22 (Episode 929 - 993) - Mukti and Yudi grow closer. Sharad assaults Mukti.
  • Chapter 23 (Episode 994 - 1022) - An attempt on Prerna's life
  • Chapter 24 (Episode 1023 - 1048) - Prerna takes the blame for Sneha's offence
  • Chapter 25 (Episode 1049 - 1069) - After 5 years: Prerna returns from jail
  • Chapter 26 (Episode 1070 - 1101) - Prem shattered by Mukti's death
  • Chapter 27 (Episode 1102 - 1163) - Prerna takes Prem to Panchameshwar for treatment
  • Chapter 28 (Episode 1164 - 1202) - Aparna's attempt to murder Prerna
  • Chapter 29 (Episode 1203 - 1250) - Prerna shoots Anurag
  • Chapter 30 (Episode 1251 - 1300) - Leap Twenty years: Anurag returns as Pratham
  • Chapter 31 (Episode 1301 - 1358) - Sampada confesses her crime. Mr Bajaj is found to be alive
  • Chapter 32 (Episode 1359 - 1394) - Prerna exposes Komolika's plan
  • Chapter 33 (Episode 1395 - 1423) - Komolika shoots Mr Bajaj. Prerna - Anurag unite in death. Prem writes a book: 'Kasauti Zindagii Kay'.



Kasautii always introduced a new concept for TV Industry which became evergreen sceens and copied in many other shows;

  • First time hero-heroine slipped scene in Indian Television
  • Hero to married a second girl and heroine to marries a side-hero
  • Coconut Water Scene
  • A lady to discovers pregnant before marriage first time showed in Kasautii
  • Sea Moments
  • Divorce Scenes
  • Media coverage
  • First time a Baby Death Scene was shown (Prem's Death)
  • Up-bringing of a child after divorce and to plan second baby from ex-husband

Kasautii gainned high TRPs for consecutive 3 years; 2nd highest TRP in 2003 i-e 22.16 then the show boosted with the Best Ever TRP of a show in Indian Television gained by Kasutii was 32.5 in 2004 and again the show topped the TRP chart for gaining highest TRP over the year that was 35.82 in 2005.

The show can also be genered in Youth Oriented Shows. Along with Youth and Romantic stories, the show also had some Saas-Bahu Tadka Stories.

Kasautii was the first Indian Show to shoot overseas and not only in one foreign country but the show had shooted in 3 different foreign countries including Australia (2003), Malaysia and Singapore in (2005).

Kasautii, the first Indian show to won International Awards.

Most of the businessmen watched the show interestingly due to story based in Media Business Companies i-e Basu Publications, Kay Channel, BTN etc. etc.

Kasautii, the only TV show that got permission to shot at Siddhi Vinayak Temple, where shootings are strickly not allowed

Shweta Tiwari as Prerna (lead actress) was the first TV Actress to courage women society to step forward and stepped in Practical and social life and was declared as the first Businesswoman of Television. She teahed a lesson by her role in 2002 that women should hardwork to achieve success in their fields and are not less important than men.

The Most expensive shots of the show were;

  • Bajaj's Death (2002)
  • Aparna to stabbed Anurag (2004)
  • Aparna's Death (2004)
  • Accident Scene of Anurag-Prerna-Bajaj (2005)
  • Foreign Shots (2005)
  • Rape scene of Mukti (2006)



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