Keikyū Kawasaki Station

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Keikyū Kawasaki Station
Station exterior, June 2005
Prefecture Kanagawa
(See other stations in Kanagawa)
City Kawasaki
Ward Kawasaki
Neighborhood etc. 1 Isago
Postal code 210-0006
(in Japanese) 神奈川県川崎市川崎区砂子1丁目
Year opened 1902
Former names Kawasaki Station
Keihin Kawasaki Station
Present name since 1987
Rail services
Station number(s) KK20
Operator(s) Keikyu
Line(s) Main Line
Daishi Line
Statistics 58,548 passengers/day [1]
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Keikyū Kawasaki Station (京急川崎駅 Keikyū Kawasaki-eki?) is a junction station in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, operated by Keikyu Corporation. The station is one of two main rail transportation hubs in central Kawasaki (the other being JR East's Kawasaki Station, which is a short walking distance away).


The station is a terminus for the Keikyū Daishi Line and is located 11.8 kilometres (7.3 mi) from the terminus of the Keikyū Main Line at Shinagawa Station in Tokyo.

Station layout[edit]

Keikyū Kawasaki Station has two elevated island platforms serving four tracks for the Keikyū Main Line, connected to the three ground level bay platforms serving the Keikyū Daishi Line and station building by an underpass.


1 Keikyū Daishi Line for Kawasaki-Daishi, Kojimashinden (extra platform)
2 Keikyū Daishi Line termination platform
3 Keikyū Daishi Line for Kawasaki-Daishi, Kojimashinden
4,5 Keikyū Main Line for Yokohama, Kamiōoka, and Uraga
(Through service to Kurihama Line at Horinouchi) Miurakaigan
(Through service to Zushi Line at Kanazawa-Hakkei) Shin-Zushi
6,7 Keikyū Main Line for Shinagawa, (Through service to Keikyū Airport Line) Haneda Airport
(Toei Asakusa Line) Nihombashi, Asakusa (Keisei Railway lines) Narita Airport

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Keikyū Main Line
Keikyū Kamata   Rapid Ltd. Express   Yokohama
Keikyū Kamata   Ltd. Express   Kanagawa-Shinmachi
Keikyū Kamata   Airport Express   Keikyū Tsurumi
Rokugōdote   Local   Hatchōnawate
Keikyu Wing: no stop
Keikyū Daishi Line
Terminus   Local   Minatochō


Keikyū Kawasaki was opened on September 1, 1902 as Kawasaki Station (川崎駅 Kawasaki-eki?) as a station on the privately held Keihin Electric Railway. It was renamed Keihin Kawasaki Station (京浜川崎駅 Keihin Kawasaki-eki?) on November 1, 1925 to avoid confusion with the nearby JGR Kawasaki Station. The tracks were elevated in 1966, and a new station building was completed. The station was renamed to its present name on June 1, 1987.

Surrounding area[edit]

To the west of the station is the Yodobashi Camera store. The station is also surrounded by many shopping complexes, restaurants, and a Toho movie theater. JR Kawasaki Station is located to the southwest of the station.


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