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Building housing Kenya Revenue Authority

The Kenya Revenue Authority (officially abbreviated as K.R.A.) is a tax collection agency of Kenya. It was formed July 1, 1995 to enhance tax collection on behalf of the Government of Kenya. It collects a number of taxes and duties, including: value added tax, income tax and customs. Since KRA's inception, revenue collection has increased dramatically, enabling the government to provide much needed services to its citizenry like free primary education and Health Services to all. Over 90% of annual national budget funding comes from local taxes collected by the KRA.

The K.R.A. headquarters are the principal occupant of the Times Tower, the tallest building in East and Central Africa. The tower was completed in 1999, and replaced the Kenyatta International Conference Centre as the tallest building in Nairobi.

Mission and vision[edit]

Mission Statement[edit]

To promote compliance with Kenya's tax, trade,and border legislation and regulation by promoting the standards set out in the Taxpayers Charter and responsible enforcement by highly motivated and professional staff thereby maximizing revenue collection at the least possible cost for the socio-economic well being of Kenyans.


To be the leading Revenue Authority in the world respected for professionalism, integrity and fairness.To maximize tax revenue to ensure the government can sustain itself from internal revenue sources.

Football club[edit]

The KRA owns a football club called Kenya Revenue Authority F.C., which currently competes in the Kenyan Premier League.

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