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This article is about a surname. For other uses, see Kenyon (disambiguation).

Kenyon is a surname of English origin. It is said to be Celtic for "Blonde", among other meanings it also means "The White Haired Norseman". The origins of the name are fairly well known. The name first appears in English heraldry[1] in the late thirteenth century when Jordan de Kenyon first took the name of the small village he inherited from his father. The name appears in court records as early as 1300, but is believed to have been in use as early as 1256. Kenyon is located west of Manchester and is within the Borough of Warrington, until recently in Cheshire. The location of Kenyon Hall is near the parish of Winwick and is currently used as a vegetable farm.

According to family documents that once belonged to Lord Kenyon, Baron of Gedington, the Kenyon name is one of the oldest in England.[citation needed] Descendants of the family are believed to come from Saxon invaders of the mid-fifth century who were rewarded with land for assisting in the Saxon invasion of what is now Lancashire.[citation needed]

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