Killick hitch

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Killick hitch
Killick hitch.jpg
Names Killick hitch, Kelleg hitch
Category Hitch
Related Timber hitch
Typical use Attach a rope to an oddly shaped object.
ABoK #271, #1733, #2162

The killick hitch /ˈkɪlɨk/ is a type of hitch knot used to attach a rope to oddly shaped objects. This knot is also known as the kelleg hitch. It is a combination of a timber hitch tied in conjunction with a half hitch, which is added to lend support and stability when pulling or hoisting the object.[1]

Use and history[edit]

The killick hitch is used to anchor small boats, usually by using some odd shaped heavy object. It has common use among oystering ships because the anchor is more easily moved than with other methods.

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