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Komnen Arianiti or Comin Spata (fl. 1392–1407[1]) was an Albanian nobleman of the Arianiti family. He held areas in central Albania and was married to a daughter of Nikollë Zaharia.[2] Of his three sons and one daughter, Gjergj became a prominent leader of the Ottoman-Albanian wars, particularly in the Albanian Revolt of 1432-1436.


Komnen Arianiti was also possibly known as Comin Spata, a name that appears in the Venetian archives. Gjergj Arianiti was also mentioned in contemporary documents as Aranit Spata. It is unclear whether the Arianitis adopted it through intermarriage with the Shpata family of central Albania or as a toponymic that derives from the region of Shpat, which they held in the Middle Ages.[3] Unclear is also his relation to the Komnenos dynasty; he may have inherited it from a paternal female ancestor that lived in the early-to-mid 13th century or adopted it as other Arianiti kinsmen in order to strengthen his claims.[4]

His domains are mentioned in contemporary Venetian sources as areas located in the vicinity of Durrës (in partibus Durrachii).[5] Arianiti was married to a daughter of Nikollë Zaharia. His three sons were Gjergj, Muzakë, father of Moisi Golemi and Vladan. His daughter was married to Niketa Thopia.[5]


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